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Camilla leaned forward and gently squeezed Danny’s hand. “Just because I am meant to live under ideals I don't believe in doesn't mean I am not happy,” she clarified. She smiled and continued, “I am supposed to follow them, but that doesn't mean I will. I just don't believe in their way of living.” The blonde squeezed Danny´s hand again. “Besides, that half of me provided me with quite the big bank account, so I can basically do whatever I want without any interference,” she finished with a chuckle.

The Ceti moved away from Danny and finished her tea, “Your ideals work within your realm of connections. You shouldn't feel bad because other people don't measure to them. Its part of living within a society with different organism,” Camilla smiled. “You are a great guy, Danny. Be proud of who you are,” she finished her speech with a big, bright on her face. It was true she felt trapped, but the blonde didn't plan on staying inside where she was forever. She had plans and she was going to work hard to achieve them.

Camilla cleared her throat, “I'm planning on being happy, don't worry about me.”

The Ceti got up from her seat and offered her companion her hand, “We should head out to or we are going to miss the movie.” Camilla felt a bit bad about the whole conversation since Danny seemed a little bit down by the end. She had never meant for this casual outing to end with such a serious tone. She had enough of it from her mother, but she had somewhat enjoyed being able to share something with someone that would understand her stance because of where they came from.

Danny took Camilla hand and lead her towards the exit of the cafe and to the movies. It was their initial plan, anyways.

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    “Yes,” Camilla said, without much deliberation, and Danny paused consuming his refreshments so he could pay her the attention this confession deserved. He waved off her apology about using the word... more
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