Kaye Packman
Let's go on an impromptu date
Wed May 24, 2017 10:30

The Saturday morning started out like most. Kaye woke up and started blasting music. She wasn’t sure who the charmed iPod used to belong to, since she’d found the thing on the floor of the Finer Diner a few weeks ago, but they had good taste in music. It must have been some kind of wizarding band she didn’t recognize; it featured tons of guitar and loud vocals. It was perfect for rolling out of bed and into the shower.

Whenever Kaye got back from the shower, Heather had usually woken up and ran away. Some people just didn’t know how to have fun. Kaye then spent time doing her makeup. She added the dark smoky shadow around her blue eyes, as well as the heavy black eyeliner. She put on purple lipstick. For a moment, Kaye thought that she’d found a bald patch on her left eyebrow, but she just needed to run her fingers over it. They’d settled funny after the shower.

After that short, stressful moment was over, she found clothes to wear. The weather on Pearl Street was finally less ridiculously cold, so she could dress with just a regular number of layers. She put on a pair of fake leather leggings, her boots, a Lolita-esque black skirt with white trim, and a matching top with fake corset lacing. She checked her eyebrows again, still paranoid. She’d have to keep an eye on them. When the eyebrows started to go, the eyelashes usually followed. Not today, alopecia.

One black wig with bangs and white tips later, she ate a quick breakfast in the Finer Diner, then made her way to Pearl Street. Instead of doing homework, which she’d leave until Sunday and do just enough to get by, most of the Aquila’s Saturdays were spent at the mall. It was fun to people watch, and it beat any of the other things people did at Rocky Mountain International. She didn’t like swimming, and she hadn’t found a perfect way to keep her wig on when flying. The rock wall was a lot of effort, and playing pool was only fun when she was able to make some money.

She started at the bookstore and thought she’d stop at the ice cream shop. She’d gone through most of the flavors by now, but there was always something new to try. The fourth year didn’t mind wandering around like this on her own, usually. She briefly considered walking into a store when she caught her reflection in the window. Her wig, somehow, had ended up a little crooked. It only took a quick second to adjust it. Hopefully, no one noticed -

A hand touched her arm and Kaye held back a sigh. She knew exactly what this was. She turned and – yup – found that the hand belonged to a woman older than her with a scarf covering her head.

“Excuse me,” the woman asked with the curious-but-concerned tone that Kaye was way too used to by now, “Are you going through what I’ve gone through?”

It wasn’t the first time she’d been asked something like that in public. Kaye didn’t know if there was some secret rule about this. Were people with cancer – or people who had cancer – just allowed to ask other people if they had cancer? Did they have some chemo-given superpower that just let them know when someone was wearing a wig? And did the question always have to be asked in such a vague, awkward way? After all of these years, she still wasn’t sure how to answer the question without staring uncomfortably at the person. This was why she stopped going out without wigs. As she puzzled over getting out of this question quickly without having to explain to the other woman why no, she wasn’t dying, her body was just bad at doing things, thanks, Kaye spotted a student from RMI around her age walking by.

That’ll work.

“Sorry, I have to go, my date is looking for me. I can't disappoint that cutie over there,” Kaye easily pulled her arm away from the woman with an only slightly annoyed smile. She caught up with the other student quickly and, with ease, looped her arm around theirs.

“Hey, I need you to pretend we’re on a date until that lady stops staring at me,” she said, smiling up at them. It wasn’t a request; she knew she’d get her way.

    • I mean, if you insist. - Emmett Lawrence, Fri May 26 02:11
      Weekends were an odd time. Either you had plans with your friends and you felt awesome, or you had zero plans and felt like a loser. Emmett was currently experiencing the latter. Although his friends ... more
      • I tend to get what I want. - Kaye, Sun Jun 4 13:48
        Hells to the bells, yes. Admittedly, Kaye hadn’t made many friends at Rocky Mountain International so far. Ruben was probably the only one who qualified. Outside of that, she’d made a couple of... more
        • I can see why. - Emmett, Fri Jun 16 00:24
          Emmett felt Kaye tugging on his arm, telling him not to look with a laugh. He knew she was probably mostly joking, but something struck him as odd about the statement that “They always know” . Did... more
          • Excellent, so we're on the same page - Kaye, Mon Jun 19 18:27
            It wasn’t a surprise that Emmett’s trip was motivated by something for Aquila’s most famous red-head. Not because she’d heard things about Emmett’s past feelings for the freckled ingénue, but because ... more
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