Emmett Lawrence
I mean, if you insist.
Fri May 26, 2017 02:11

Weekends were an odd time. Either you had plans with your friends and you felt awesome, or you had zero plans and felt like a loser. Emmett was currently experiencing the latter. Although his friends were overall rather “all or nothing” planners - i.e., a huge event or else no real planning at all - he always felt a little sad when there was nothing in particular scheduled for the day. And he had very little homework to do (read: that he was going to do) and there was no Quidditch or anything, which left him totally, completely, one hundred percent available.


That was meant sarcastically, but upon further thought, the fourth year determined that maybe that actually was for the best. He did need to go up to Pearl Street sometime soon and go shopping. Marissa’s birthday was close, and Emmett didn’t have a present yet. Realistically, it might have been productive to bring a buddy along, but he couldn’t find any of his friends this morning, so it was whatever. He would just have to work harder to actually, like, find something cool.

However, he wasn’t shopping (if entering stores, wandering aimlessly, and then leaving empty-handed could be called shopping) too long before he started to feel hungry. And what was better for lunch by yourself than an entire pizza? Nothing. Good plan, Emmett.

He was on his way there when all of a sudden, Kaye Packman ambushed him, looping her arm around his. The Lyra felt an involuntary rush of heat in his skin as his brain processed the fact that a girl was touching him, dampened only slightly as she explained her motive. He glanced briefly in the direction he thought the staring woman was, just to see who it was. “Got it,” he said, offering a smile. “I was on the way to get pizza. Want lunch? Fake date or not, I don’t mind treating.”

  • Let's go on an impromptu date - Kaye Packman, Wed May 24 10:30
    The Saturday morning started out like most. Kaye woke up and started blasting music. She wasn’t sure who the charmed iPod used to belong to, since she’d found the thing on the floor of the Finer... more
    • I mean, if you insist. - Emmett Lawrence, Fri May 26 02:11
      • I tend to get what I want. - Kaye, Sun Jun 4 13:48
        Hells to the bells, yes. Admittedly, Kaye hadn’t made many friends at Rocky Mountain International so far. Ruben was probably the only one who qualified. Outside of that, she’d made a couple of... more
        • I can see why. - Emmett, Fri Jun 16 00:24
          Emmett felt Kaye tugging on his arm, telling him not to look with a laugh. He knew she was probably mostly joking, but something struck him as odd about the statement that “They always know” . Did... more
          • Excellent, so we're on the same page - Kaye, Mon Jun 19 18:27
            It wasn’t a surprise that Emmett’s trip was motivated by something for Aquila’s most famous red-head. Not because she’d heard things about Emmett’s past feelings for the freckled ingénue, but because ... more
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