I tend to get what I want.
Sun Jun 4, 2017 13:48

Hells to the bells, yes.

Admittedly, Kaye hadn’t made many friends at Rocky Mountain International so far. Ruben was probably the only one who qualified. Outside of that, she’d made a couple of almost friends. She thought that Holland probably counted as an almost friend. Emmett, who she’d ended up linking arms with on Pearl Street just now, was the other almost. They didn’t seek out the other to hang out, but whenever they ended up in the same place, they’d chat.

Of all the people she could end up fake dating today, Emmett was probably the most entertaining option. Perhaps pretty boy Danny would outrank him on the interesting scale, but only because the Aquila seemed to baffle the other boy, and it was endlessly entertaining. In fact, most people at the magical mountain school didn’t seem to know what to make of her. The paranoid part of her wanted to automatically assume that it was the wig things, but the rest of her fully believed it was her balls to the wall, sparkling personality.

She was like Wonder Woman: the world of men did not deserve her. She understood how intimidating that could be.

“No, don’t look!” She laughed, pulling on Emmett’s arm slightly. “She’ll sense it. They always know.” Kaye wasn’t willing to give the lady any more reason to talk to her again than she clearly thought she was automatically privileged to.

“I was on the way to get pizza. Want lunch? Fake date or not, I don’t mind treating.”

“Oh my gods, yes,” Kaye drew out the last word, already imagining getting to eat pizza. Food at RMI was good, sometimes even great, but nothing beat greasy, probably terrible, artery clogging mall pizza. “Food tastes best when someone else buys it, absolutely.” They started to move towards the pizza place (possibly at Kaye’s unconscious direction; now she really, really wanted pizza) and she was pretty sure that the lady was going in the opposite direction. Excellent. Kaye remained attached to Emmett, though, partially to be cautious, and partially because she thought she could have some fun with this random Pearl Street encounter.

“So what are you doing out and about on your own?” she asked curiously. “Where’s that group of yours?”

  • I mean, if you insist. - Emmett Lawrence, Fri May 26 02:11
    Weekends were an odd time. Either you had plans with your friends and you felt awesome, or you had zero plans and felt like a loser. Emmett was currently experiencing the latter. Although his friends ... more
    • I tend to get what I want. - Kaye, Sun Jun 4 13:48
      • I can see why. - Emmett, Fri Jun 16 00:24
        Emmett felt Kaye tugging on his arm, telling him not to look with a laugh. He knew she was probably mostly joking, but something struck him as odd about the statement that “They always know” . Did... more
        • Excellent, so we're on the same page - Kaye, Mon Jun 19 18:27
          It wasn’t a surprise that Emmett’s trip was motivated by something for Aquila’s most famous red-head. Not because she’d heard things about Emmett’s past feelings for the freckled ingénue, but because ... more
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