I can see why.
Fri Jun 16, 2017 00:24

Emmett felt Kaye tugging on his arm, telling him not to look with a laugh. He knew she was probably mostly joking, but something struck him as odd about the statement that “They always know”. Did people stare at her a lot?

For now, he chose to take it as a joke and laugh along as they made their way in the opposite direction from the woman. Her response to his food offer elicited a more genuine laugh from him. Being from a fairly well-off family, he wasn’t one to usually have things bought for him by other people, so he couldn’t really confirm or deny her assertion that food was better when someone else pays, but it made him laugh anyway. Maybe he’d have to let somebody else treat sometime to find out. Danny and Rose were both obnoxiously wealthy, too, although he doubted at least the latter would want to buy him anything.

And speaking of his friends, Kaye raised the question of where they were. For a moment, it gave him pause. “Well, I came up to find something for Marissa’s birthday.” he answered, “so obviously I couldn’t bring her, and I just didn’t happen to run into anybody else this morning.” Emmett wondered briefly if that was intentional, especially for Holland. They had just broken up with Ruben, and he wasn’t entirely sure how they were taking it so far. A distinct part of Emmett was thrilled - Ruben was scary and also terrible and Emmett didn’t like him - but at the same time, he didn’t want Holland to be sad or upset. It seemed like a no-win situation, although hopefully now that it was over between them, Holland could pick up and get over it quickly.

“Maybe after we eat, you’d be willing to help me?” suggested the Lyra. “I have no idea what to buy for Marissa. What do girls even want for their birthdays?" Marissa was hardly ordinary, so a generic Teenage Girl gift seemed dumb. But Kaye wasn't ordinary either, so maybe she would have some better insights.

  • I tend to get what I want. - Kaye, Sun Jun 4 13:48
    Hells to the bells, yes. Admittedly, Kaye hadn’t made many friends at Rocky Mountain International so far. Ruben was probably the only one who qualified. Outside of that, she’d made a couple of... more
    • I can see why. - Emmett, Fri Jun 16 00:24
      • Excellent, so we're on the same page - Kaye, Mon Jun 19 18:27
        It wasn’t a surprise that Emmett’s trip was motivated by something for Aquila’s most famous red-head. Not because she’d heard things about Emmett’s past feelings for the freckled ingénue, but because ... more
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