Excellent, so we're on the same page
Mon Jun 19, 2017 18:27

It wasn’t a surprise that Emmett’s trip was motivated by something for Aquila’s most famous red-head. Not because she’d heard things about Emmett’s past feelings for the freckled ingénue, but because the entire friend group seemed to revolve around her. Kaye wondered what the history of that was. Did the friend group start with Marissa, or did she just jump in and demand all of the attention? Kaye could get to know the other Aquila, instead of having these slightly amused opinions about her, but that didn’t seem very fun. Plus, she didn’t think they’d have that much in common.

Which made Emmett’s next question even more entertaining.

“Maybe after we eat, you’d be willing to help me? I have no idea what to buy for Marissa. What do girls even want for their birthdays?"

“I mean, sure, I’ll totally help you. Seems like equivalent exchange for you being my hero and buying me pizza,” Kaye shrugged, “But, uh, it’s not like I know a lot about her.”

They made it to the pizza place, and Kaye untangled herself from Emmett’s arm to hold open the door. The pale girl didn’t check to see if it was a place where you needed to wait to be sat, and she just claimed a table near a window. She propped her feet up on top of the table and leaned back with an exaggerated stretch. She took a moment to admire her boots, which just didn’t get enough recognition. Kaye wanted a new pair, and she was pretty sure she could convince Papa to get her the tall spiky ones she saw when she was last home. They were Expensive and probably needed to go on layaway because there was no way they’d be able to afford it in one go. They’d make her stems look so good, though.

Right, Emmett wanted her to think about presents for Marissa, not her. And Marissa would just look ridiculous in those boots. Only the true badasses could pull them off.

“Okay,” Kaye swept her legs off of the table and leaned towards Emmett when he joined her, putting her Serious Face on, “So tell me about Carrot-Top. I can’t help you with gift ideas unless I know more about her. And pineapple on the pizza; that’s important for thinking.”

  • I can see why. - Emmett, Fri Jun 16 00:24
    Emmett felt Kaye tugging on his arm, telling him not to look with a laugh. He knew she was probably mostly joking, but something struck him as odd about the statement that “They always know” . Did... more
    • Excellent, so we're on the same page - Kaye, Mon Jun 19 18:27
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