Leopold Harris
Keen for caffeine
Mon Jul 10, 2017 16:34

Saturday arrived with no fanfare and Leopold felt restless. His first instinct was track down Roger Reynolds and bug him for awhile. Roger wasn’t a lot of fun but he mostly put up with Leo’s ramblings and was alright for passing the time of day. Unfortunately for Leo (perhaps, fortunately for Roger) the other fourth year was not to be found in either the dorm or the common room by the time Leo emerged dishevelled from sleep at the late hour of twelve o’clock. It wouldn’t surprise the Lyra if Roger was holed up in the library being a boring swot as usual. Which was a real let down as Leo certainly wasn’t going to join him. It was far too early in the term to be seen hanging out in the library. Next time he saw Roger he was definitely going to let him know how lame he was being.

Incapable of entertaining himself Leo decided the best course of action would be to head for Pearl Street and let the world bring excitement to him. He raided out the bottom of his trunk, scraping together whatever change had gathered within. He’d have to wait until the end of the month before Abigail and Jeb sent him out a little spending money, so he’d make do with what he could find lying around for now. Throwing on a slightly-too small green t-shirt and faded jeans he set out with a spring in his step. He was really re-thinking this whole day, having woken up dismissing it as deficient, Leopold was now feeling much more positive. Good things were on the horizon!

Heavily aware of the lightness of his pockets, Leopold bypassed Starbucks, making a beeline for Café Vert which he knew to be frequented by muggles and wizards alike. Leopold enjoyed the mixed company and found he was much less likely to run into unsavory figures from school there than say, the The Sphynx.

Although, his mom was a witch, Leo could never remember her ever really acting like one. She preferred to approach tasks manually, which Leo didn’t totally get it, why chain yourself to the sink when with a flick of your wrist you’d easily get the job done? He’d come to resent her reluctance to fully embrace magic in her life. Around the age of nine he decided she was making it all up and dismissed her as a bit of a nutter. After all if she was a witch and there was an entire magical community why’d they never meet anyone else from it? It was only when his own spurts of magic became undeniable that Leo relented and once he was sold on magic he was utterly lost to it. He’d always felt like an outsider and saw the wizarding world as an alternative to his life thus far. In magic he would excel and it would present the perfect opportunity to reinvent himself. Ultimately, things hadn’t worked out like he’d imagined. Leopold felt just as uncomfortable amongst the hallways of RMI as he ever had in the muggle streets back home. He’d quickly decided that rich snooty wizards were just as bad as rich snooty muggles.

Once inside Verts, Leopold slipped on his glasses to check the prices written on the board, the eyewear rarely ventured outside of his pockets resulting in a distracting tingly sensation on the bridge of his nose. After counting out his change twice, he ordered a black coffee intending to overload it with sugar. Seeking a spot to sip the warm cup of caffeine he caught sight of another student and without invitation strode towards them.

“Alright there?” he said by way of greeting claiming the chair opposite them as his own.

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