Rose Farnon
The closest to a date we'll ever get [Emmett]
Thu Aug 17, 2017 14:22

A month of school down and Rose was waist-deep in obligations, obligations that had been further complicated by Professor Blair’s ridiculous project and Rose’s ridiculous partner. Myffi and Rose had sorted out a schedule to take care of their fake baby, but despite Rose’s best efforts the reality of the situation was that there was no room in her schedule for babies, fake or otherwise. She was busy with Quidditch, with Dueling Club, with her Animagus lessons, her job, her studies, her swimming - it was a lot. And normally, Rose could handle a lot due to her rigorous schedule-setting, but now with this additional class and additional task, everything was off-kilter. She found herself increasingly relying on Kit, Marissa’s younger sister, to babysit. It was perhaps a questionable decision, given that Kit was eleven and had the common sense of a crayon, but it was the way Rose was going to get through this so there they were. Kit didn’t seem to mind, anyway. She was at the age where she wanted a little brother or sister, and a fake baby seemed to be working out for her.

It was a cool fall day on Pearl Street Mall. Rose had just gotten off her shift at Kimball’s Quidditch Supply Store and after changing into Muggle street clothes (rather than the required shop uniform), she made her way to the coffee shop where she’d promised to meet Emmett. Given the Muggle nature of their venture, she’d told Emmett to leave his baby with Ruben (or whatever). She wasn’t sure if Emmett would have thought about that otherwise; he wasn’t the pinchiest clothespin on the line. She’d agreed with Myffi to have her take the baby during Rose’s work shifts, as it would be a very weird thing to explain to her boss and an even weirder thing to explain to customers. Instead of actually asking Myffi to watch the baby for a bit longer, Rose had told her partner that her shift ended two hours later than it did, hopefully enough time for a cup of coffee with the younger boy who, despite being Marissa’s ex, Rose was rapidly beginning to consider a good friend.

Arriving at the coffee shop, Rose looked around and, not seeing Emmett, went to sit at a table in the corner with a full view of the room and directly across from the door, so she could see him when he walked in. She settled her black skirt around her as she sat on the booth side of the table. Emmett was late and could take the chair. After a few minutes of waiting, someone came over to take her order and Rose asked for a cappuccino and a scone. Neither of those things would be properly made because they were in America and that was the state of things, but unlike some people she could mention she had accepted this as the ways of her school and surrounding area, and so did not dwell on it overly much.

She looked around. Where was Emmett?

    • Don't worry, you'll fall in love with me yet. - Emmett (and Sonny) Lawrence, Sat Aug 19 15:28
      She puked. Emmett didn’t know that dolls could puke, but apparently magical looks-a-weird-amount-like-you dolls were special and could do that. Being covered in baby puke this far into the assignment ... more
      • ...How much you wanna bet? - Rose, Mon Aug 21 16:23
        Rose groaned. “Emmett, that thing isn’t real,” she said as he sat down and made excuses for ‘them’. She’d noticed that he brought his doll along more than other people did, but she had assumed it was ... more
        • Emmett wrinkled his nose. Yes, of course he knew that technically Sonny was not a “real” baby, but he loved her just the same wanted to pass the class, so he was doing everything he could to take it... more
          • You're lucky to have gotten to 'like' - Rose, Thu Aug 24 18:43
            “Kaye doesn’t count,” Rose said automatically, before wondering why she’d bothered. Kaye was also in Aquila and changed her hairstyle more than Holland did, but Rose had nothing against her. Plus,... more
            • It's a slippery slope after that. - Emmett, Fri Aug 25 22:14
              Emmett shrugged. “I tried,” he offered weakly. Criminal mastermind was not his forte by any means, but hey, that was what Rose was for. “Also, stop talking about my child like that,” he added. “She’s ... more
              • Should I put my skis on then? - Rose, Sat Aug 26 11:36
                Oh Merlin, Emmett’s fake baby was sensitive ? Rose sighed internally. They really needed to get him a puffskein or a kneazle or something, anything that was more healthy to become emotionally... more
                • We could go skiing, sure. - Emmett, Sat Aug 26 12:00
                  Emmett listened in horror. He punched a rock ? What the Hell was wrong with that guy? And he would be all about his hair. Vain bastard. He did kinda wish Rose didn’t talk like that about Camilla,... more
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