Emmett (and Sonny) Lawrence
Don't worry, you'll fall in love with me yet.
Sat Aug 19, 2017 15:28

She puked. Emmett didn’t know that dolls could puke, but apparently magical looks-a-weird-amount-like-you dolls were special and could do that. Being covered in baby puke this far into the assignment was already becoming stale and unsurprising, but it did mean that he had to change before meeting Rose for their lunch date. She had told him to leave the baby with Ruben, but Emmett was literally not going to do that in any circumstance. Ruben basically only got Sonny when Emmett couldn’t take care of her, like Quidditch practice. The dolls were pretty close to lifelike, though, so he didn’t think anybody on Pearl Street would notice.

So in less vomit-covered clothes, Emmett hurried off to the coffee shop, the visor on his baby carrier pulled down to help Sonny nap, as well as hopefully keep people from looking at her too much. He glanced at his watch and saw that he was running a little late, although he didn’t rush too hard because jarring movements like speedwalking might disturb the baby.

They arrived in decent time anyway, and he found Rose seated in the corner (like the weird lurker she was), and Emmett got through the place with only minimal weird looks. Teenage Dad Emmett was an interesting sight, he was sure, but he didn’t appreciate people staring at him, his baby face, and his baby. He sat down on the chair side of the table and sat the carrier on the floor between him and the wall. For safety. “Hey, sorry we’re late,” he said, sliding the diaper bag backpack straps off his shoulders and placing it on the floor as well. “Sonny threw up on me. But she’s asleep now, so we should be okay.” The coffee shop was a little bit loud, but Sonny seemed to like noisy places, oddly enough, so maybe it would actually keep her asleep. “Anyway, what’s up?”

  • The closest to a date we'll ever get [Emmett] - Rose Farnon, Thu Aug 17 14:22
    A month of school down and Rose was waist-deep in obligations, obligations that had been further complicated by Professor Blair’s ridiculous project and Rose’s ridiculous partner. Myffi and Rose had... more
    • Don't worry, you'll fall in love with me yet. - Emmett (and Sonny) Lawrence, Sat Aug 19 15:28
      • ...How much you wanna bet? - Rose, Mon Aug 21 16:23
        Rose groaned. “Emmett, that thing isn’t real,” she said as he sat down and made excuses for ‘them’. She’d noticed that he brought his doll along more than other people did, but she had assumed it was ... more
        • Emmett wrinkled his nose. Yes, of course he knew that technically Sonny was not a “real” baby, but he loved her just the same wanted to pass the class, so he was doing everything he could to take it... more
          • You're lucky to have gotten to 'like' - Rose, Thu Aug 24 18:43
            “Kaye doesn’t count,” Rose said automatically, before wondering why she’d bothered. Kaye was also in Aquila and changed her hairstyle more than Holland did, but Rose had nothing against her. Plus,... more
            • It's a slippery slope after that. - Emmett, Fri Aug 25 22:14
              Emmett shrugged. “I tried,” he offered weakly. Criminal mastermind was not his forte by any means, but hey, that was what Rose was for. “Also, stop talking about my child like that,” he added. “She’s ... more
              • Should I put my skis on then? - Rose, Sat Aug 26 11:36
                Oh Merlin, Emmett’s fake baby was sensitive ? Rose sighed internally. They really needed to get him a puffskein or a kneazle or something, anything that was more healthy to become emotionally... more
                • We could go skiing, sure. - Emmett, Sat Aug 26 12:00
                  Emmett listened in horror. He punched a rock ? What the Hell was wrong with that guy? And he would be all about his hair. Vain bastard. He did kinda wish Rose didn’t talk like that about Camilla,... more
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