You're lucky to have gotten to 'like'
Thu Aug 24, 2017 18:43

“Kaye doesn’t count,” Rose said automatically, before wondering why she’d bothered. Kaye was also in Aquila and changed her hairstyle more than Holland did, but Rose had nothing against her. Plus, since Kaye had arrived, Heather Bartel had started complaining of more misplaced things than usual and Rose had a sneaking suspicion Kaye was the reason for that. It was all good in Rose’s book. She didn’t particularly like Heather, especially with the fifth year’s inclination to try and upstage the parties Marissa and Rose threw. Heather was also a gossipy little snot, and Rose was willing to bet that she was the reason why half the school knew about Ruben and Marissa. Of course, Ruben himself was the reason the other half of the school knew about it, and since Ruben was the one who had probably told Heather to begin with (Rose was pretty sure Marissa had kept that particular piece of information a well-guarded secret), it was all his fault anyway.

And then Emmett responded to her rant as a whole, mostly with being as unhelpful as he ever was. Rose sighed. She would have liked someone to actually conspire with, but after the whole thing with Bitchface last year and Marissa being upset about that, Rose could hardly ask Marissa to do some conspiring. Plus, Marissa liked Russell (something Rose found extremely questionable) and seemed to be blaming herself more than Ruben for the - event, which was probably false because Rose was one hundred thousand percent certain that if Marissa had been planning on doing that with anyone she would have told Rose first. Especially if her plan had been to do it with Ruben. No, this was definitely Ruben’s fault and Rose would have stormed out of the room and dueled him the second she had found out Marissa was upset if it wouldn’t have made Marissa more upset.

Marissa was a nice person. Rose admired that about her.

Rose was not a nice person. She was fine with that.

“Emmett, if you’re trying to look like a criminal mastermind or something just so you know it looks more like you’ve stuck your wand up your nose and are trying, but failing, to get it out,” Rose said matter-of-factly, taking a sip of her drink. “Also, criminal masterminds have white fluffy cats or piranhas or something, not fake babies in a carrier.”

  • Emmett wrinkled his nose. Yes, of course he knew that technically Sonny was not a “real” baby, but he loved her just the same wanted to pass the class, so he was doing everything he could to take it... more
    • You're lucky to have gotten to 'like' - Rose, Thu Aug 24 18:43
      • It's a slippery slope after that. - Emmett, Fri Aug 25 22:14
        Emmett shrugged. “I tried,” he offered weakly. Criminal mastermind was not his forte by any means, but hey, that was what Rose was for. “Also, stop talking about my child like that,” he added. “She’s ... more
        • Should I put my skis on then? - Rose, Sat Aug 26 11:36
          Oh Merlin, Emmett’s fake baby was sensitive ? Rose sighed internally. They really needed to get him a puffskein or a kneazle or something, anything that was more healthy to become emotionally... more
          • We could go skiing, sure. - Emmett, Sat Aug 26 12:00
            Emmett listened in horror. He punched a rock ? What the Hell was wrong with that guy? And he would be all about his hair. Vain bastard. He did kinda wish Rose didn’t talk like that about Camilla,... more
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