Claudia Dubois
Practice makes Perfect
Fri Aug 25, 2017 16:55

She had managed it. By sneaking to Pearl Street little and often, and putting Marley off on their originally planned weekend, Claudia had managed to progress far enough along the length of Pearl Street mall to locate her quarry: a store selling magical cosmetic products. It had taken her a couple of visits before she had summoned the courage to open the door of Veela’s Vanity and step over its threshold, and her first visit had only involved a one-minute scope of its layout. Today, however, Claudia was feeling confident: she was going to look properly at the products on sale, and she was going to buy something. She could then return with Marley and not let on that their joint visit had taken her weeks of careful preparation and several prior visits to keep her various anxieties at bay.

The weather above the school was turning, some days ushering in a cold breeze most unwelcome to a girl who had rarely ventured out of New Orleans, except to Paris in the summer. She was well prepared, however, with crimson suede knee-high boots, a floor-length soft grey pleated skirt, and her cherry-colored, double-fronted, wool-blend jacket with a grey silk scarf. Her dark blonde hair was knotted neatly at the nape of her neck, and the belongings necessary for a shopping excursion were contained in her pale grey backpack, which she felt matched her outfit perfectly. The only fly in the proverbial ointment was that her nails were not painted in a co-ordinating polish, because she had yet to own more than one shade. No matter; that was soon to be rectified.

First, however, Claudia pushed open the door, smiled at the cashier who had greeted her from behind the till, and she made her way to the section displaying magical hair dyes. She wasn’t planning on buying one; not today, anyway. She was interested, though. She had first considered actually dying her own hair when that peculiar Stella person in second year had accosted her in the library last term, but she had always noticed Holland’s changing hair styles, and that other girl, Heather or something, who probably magically died her hair, too. Claudia thought her own hair was a very dull, nondescript sort of colour. It had been lighter when she was younger, but now it was stuck in a not-quite-blonde, not-quite-brown rut. She wouldn’t ever dye it a bright, unnatural shade, she was relatively certain, but a little definition one way or the other might be fun to try. One day.

After a few moments of fantasizing, Claudia continued on her way to peruse the wide selection of polishes in stock. She immediately disregarded the cheaper lines, but began to search more natural tones for something that might look pleasant with a multitude of outfits (rather than the bolder hues, which she would need to match quite directly). She had picked up a couple of bottles for closer contemplation, when another student she recognised from school joined her at the display. Claudia was wondering whether she could get away with just putting down the products and leaving before anyone tried speaking to her, but it was, apparently, already too late for that.

    • You gotta practice something more interesting - Kaye Packman, Fri Aug 25 17:40
      Now that Kaye had mastered making it look like she still had eyebrows, thanks to Holland, she decided that she needed to take the next step. So far, she was able to make it look like she had natural... more
      • Like what? - Claudia, Sat Aug 26 12:31
        Claudia tried her best not to look at the older girl. She knew who Kaye was mostly because she looked, well, like that, and also more recently because she was the other person in Danny’s parenting... more
        • Literally anything else. - Kaye, Thu Aug 31 15:05
          Kaye grinned, proud to know she was right. It hadn’t been too hard. She looked quite a bit like Danny, except with lighter hair. Kaye couldn’t recall ever seeing them spend time together, which was... more
          • That was hurtful - Claudia, Fri Sep 1 15:51
            Claudia stared at the polishes in her hand. One was called Blush, the other was called Fawn. They were neutral, and unobtrusive. Safe. Permissible. They were not designed to draw attention, not... more
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