Kaye Packman
You gotta practice something more interesting
Fri Aug 25, 2017 17:40

Now that Kaye had mastered making it look like she still had eyebrows, thanks to Holland, she decided that she needed to take the next step. So far, she was able to make it look like she had natural eyebrows (blonde, black, or brown), and the Aquila very much wanted to test making her eyebrows match her more colorful wigs.

Today, she sported a sea green wig on her way to Pearl Street. Her eyebrows were black, as were her lips from her favorite matte lipstick brand, but she thought it’d be the coolest if she could have eyebrows that matched her shoulder length bob. She also had a list of all of the wigs she currently owned and what colors she needed to find at Veela’s Vanity.

She wasn’t sure if she’d be able to purchase everything, but her dads had sent her a much larger allowance than usual. They were so excited that she’d figured out the eyebrows thing, and they were even more excited that she figured it out with a friend’s help.

It was colder out than she expected, so she made a beeline for the makeup store once she got on Pearl Street. Usually she’d pick up a coffee or something from Snooze; she’d do that on the way back. Kaye didn’t own any jackets that went nicely with her knitted pullover. She was probably supposed to have something long-sleeved or whatever under it, but instead she just had on a black bra, and she felt pretty good about it. Looking this good was worth being a little chilly.

She’d left the baby with Anssi on her way to Pearl Street. Ruben’s little brother was a little odd and she didn’t know him well at all, but he was way more likely to keep the baby alive and well than, say, Ruben. She and Danny had worked out a pretty okay schedule, but there was no way she was taking an infant to the mall where she could be lectured by adults and judged for choices she hadn’t even made. Nope.

Kaye waved at the cashier before wandering around the store. She knew that she wanted eyebrow pencils in all of the colors she could find, but maybe she’d find other things she wanted, too. She ended up with a blackened teal liquid lipstick and a hydrating face mask by the time she stumbled on the nail polish section. Kaye put the items she’d picked up in the basket she’d grabbed on her way in. As tempting as it was to steal from this store, Kaye made it a habit to never steal from private, family owned stores. That would just be wrong.

In the nail polish aisle, she noticed a slightly familiar face. “Hey there,” she greeted, noting the colors in the younger girl’s hands so far. They were boring colors. Kaye picked a few brighter colors from in front of her, as well as a couple of the more interesting looking neutral polishes that matched the girl’s actual selections. “Here, you should look at these. They’re less likely to chip than the ones you picked out.”

Kaye paused, finally placing the girl. “You’re Pretty Boy Danny’s kid sister, aren’t you?”

  • Practice makes Perfect - Claudia Dubois, Fri Aug 25 16:55
    She had managed it. By sneaking to Pearl Street little and often, and putting Marley off on their originally planned weekend, Claudia had managed to progress far enough along the length of Pearl... more
    • You gotta practice something more interesting - Kaye Packman, Fri Aug 25 17:40
      • Like what? - Claudia, Sat Aug 26 12:31
        Claudia tried her best not to look at the older girl. She knew who Kaye was mostly because she looked, well, like that, and also more recently because she was the other person in Danny’s parenting... more
        • Literally anything else. - Kaye, Thu Aug 31 15:05
          Kaye grinned, proud to know she was right. It hadn’t been too hard. She looked quite a bit like Danny, except with lighter hair. Kaye couldn’t recall ever seeing them spend time together, which was... more
          • That was hurtful - Claudia, Fri Sep 1 15:51
            Claudia stared at the polishes in her hand. One was called Blush, the other was called Fawn. They were neutral, and unobtrusive. Safe. Permissible. They were not designed to draw attention, not... more
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