Should I put my skis on then?
Sat Aug 26, 2017 11:36

Oh Merlin, Emmett’s fake baby was sensitive? Rose sighed internally. They really needed to get him a puffskein or a kneazle or something, anything that was more healthy to become emotionally attached to than a fake baby. She didn’t want to know what would happen when Emmett had to bring ‘Sonny’ back to O-whats-his-name before Midterm started. With the way things were going now, Rose wouldn’t be surprised if he had some sort of insecure meltdown while the doll was literally pried from his hands. Sensitive. Seriously? The sixth year glanced at the carrier next to Emmett, where the fake baby was sleeping soundly. At least it wasn’t crying. She didn’t want more people to notice that two people who were obviously young teenagers were hanging out with a baby. Rose absolutely did not want anyone to think that she had a baby or something with Emmett. Ugh.

“I tried to drop a rock on his head and he punched it last year,” Rose offered, an example of how to physically damage Ruben. After the news of his punishment per Headmaster Bonilla, Rose was a little shy of actually attacking him though. Not that she thought Ruben would tattle, but she didn’t want to risk her prefect status on a revenge scheme that might not even work. No, they had to do one better.

“He likes his hair though,” she said, addressing Emmett’s point about Ruben’s emotions. “Not that I’m saying she’s the model to follow but Bitchface,” it was the word she used for Camilla whenever she wasn’t around Marissa, “might have had the right idea with making him bald. I think Holland fixed it for him though.” It would be just like Holland. Despite the fact that they had broken up with Ruben, they seemed to have remained friends with him. Unfortunately. “And he likes attention,” Rose continued. She went to sip her drink and stopped with the cup halfway to his mouth. “Wait. I have the perfect idea.” The Aquila paused for a second, wondering how to phrase it before deciding to jump right in. “We should date.”

  • It's a slippery slope after that. - Emmett, Fri Aug 25 22:14
    Emmett shrugged. “I tried,” he offered weakly. Criminal mastermind was not his forte by any means, but hey, that was what Rose was for. “Also, stop talking about my child like that,” he added. “She’s ... more
    • Should I put my skis on then? - Rose, Sat Aug 26 11:36
      • We could go skiing, sure. - Emmett, Sat Aug 26 12:00
        Emmett listened in horror. He punched a rock ? What the Hell was wrong with that guy? And he would be all about his hair. Vain bastard. He did kinda wish Rose didn’t talk like that about Camilla,... more
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