I can still salvage this and look cool, right?
Wed Jan 18, 2017 02:02

The boy hadn't heard Andres, by either some stroke of good luck or other-worldly interference; he cleared his throat and nervously ran his hand through his hair as he spoke again. "Oh, uh, I just said I'm sorry for bumping into you," he said with a wavering voice, but at least this time it sounded a lot less crazy. He gave a shy chuckle and spoke a little louder. "I, uh, erm, I go to school with you! Or, at least, I think I do? You seem really familiar and I'm pretty sure we have at least one class together?" Again, his words were all jumbled and he spoke quickly, as he did when he was nervous, which was often.

He extended an arm, its skin a little darker from being in the fake magical sun practicing Quidditch, and gave a small smile. "Uh, ha, a-anyways, I'm Andres!" he said, actively attempting to seem cool and totally not like a wreck. It's not that the boy himself made Andres nervous, or at least Andres didn't think it was the boy? It was the idea of screwing up in front of someone in his year that sort of scrambled the Ceti's brain. He didn't know why, but he really wanted to make a good first impression.

Giving a sheepish smile, he said "I really like your shoes! I wanted a pair like those, but my mom told me that she wouldn't get them for me because everyone would think I'm weird- not that I think you're weird, I just really think that they're really cool!" He took a small breath of air and laughed a little. "Sometimes, when my mom wasn't paying attention I'd wear different colored socks because it was almost like the same thing, but now that I think about it, it probably isn't haha." Andres smiled brightly. "Know what I mean?"

  • Uh, sure? - Brynjolf Nilssen, Wed Jan 18 01:08
    Bryn had never been one for mornings, especially not when it came to the school year. The bleary-eyed third year stared dismally down at his breakfast, missing the warm summer days and the times... more
    • I can still salvage this and look cool, right? - Andres, Wed Jan 18 02:02
      • I repeat,: uh, sure? - Brynjolf, Wed Jan 18 11:23
        Bryn’s eyes locked onto the kid who bumped into him. Or more specifically, his mouth. Considering that Bryn hadn’t fully turned towards the other person, any words now tumbling out of the persons... more
        • Lovely weather we're having, huh? - Andres, Thu Jan 19 21:34
          Andres's eyebrows rose and he closed his eyes, his eyebrows now furrowed. The boy was deaf-Andres was such an idiot. An apologetic expression on his face, he actively slowed down his speech to a... more
          • See, now you're on the right track. - Brynjolf, Thu Jan 19 22:10
            “It’s not a big deal,” Bryn said with a smile, shrugging off the other third-years’ apology. He was used to people talking quickly or thinking that he heard them when he didn’t. It was what happened... more
            • The boy told Andres that he could talk as much as he wanted and it was like some spell had broken in some fairy tail about some chick who was sleeping, or was it the one with the long hair? Andres... more
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