We could go skiing, sure.
Sat Aug 26, 2017 12:00

Emmett listened in horror. He punched a rock? What the Hell was wrong with that guy? And he would be all about his hair. Vain bastard. He did kinda wish Rose didn’t talk like that about Camilla, though. There had been an issue with her and Marissa last year that then Rose and - ugh - Ruben blew up into something even bigger and more dramatic, but other than that, she wasn’t that bad. It was just a rough situation. About Danny, or something. Goddamn it, Danny.

But then Rose came up with something, and Emmett leaned in with interest to hear her most assuredly brilliant and devastating plan. Rose was so smart. Admittedly, he thought Holland and (usually) Danny were the smartest in the group, but Rose was super smart in a different way. A devious way. A destroy-your-soul kind of way. She was powerful, indeed.

“We should date.”

“Okay,” said Emmett a little too quickly, before he had really even processed Rose’s idea fully, that never-fading bit of him (okay it was a lot of him) that was kinda desperate and needy flourishing in an instant. Then he thought about it. Wasn’t this supposed to be about Ruben or something? How did this even help? Like, he wasn’t opposed to it in general - he didn’t have a particular crush on Rose at the moment, but she was super hot and his friend, so spending more time with her didn’t seem like a bad thing - but he didn’t quite follow her thought process. Although he was hesitant to ask questions and potentially screw up his relationship before it began (thus reclaiming the title of “shortest time together” from Danny and back to him, where it belonged), he had to know. “But, uh, why?”

  • Should I put my skis on then? - Rose, Sat Aug 26 11:36
    Oh Merlin, Emmett’s fake baby was sensitive ? Rose sighed internally. They really needed to get him a puffskein or a kneazle or something, anything that was more healthy to become emotionally... more
    • We could go skiing, sure. - Emmett, Sat Aug 26 12:00
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