Like what?
Sat Aug 26, 2017 12:31

Claudia tried her best not to look at the older girl. She knew who Kaye was mostly because she looked, well, like that, and also more recently because she was the other person in Danny’s parenting project, that Claudia was dreading when her turn came around. He had said that they didn’t get along very well, which made Claudia automatically nervous of a person, because Dardanius got along with just about everybody. Obviously not the student who had recently cursed him, but just about everybody else. Even if Danny hadn’t said anything, Claudia would still have been wary of Kaye. She wore enormous boots and showed way too much leg and, sweet Merlin, right now she was wearing a top that showed her underwear. Claudia blushed as she looked away, focusing instead on the polishes Kaye had offered as an alternative to those she had already selected. If it was anyone else she might have been pleased of the advice, but Kaye was intimidating, not to mention inappropriately dressed.

It got worse. Rather than just slipping away quietly, mumbling a word of thanks and pretending to purchase the polishes Kaye had recommended but actually hiding them on another shelf as she made her way quickly out of the store, fleeing back to her room to hide for the rest of the day, Kaye recognized her.

“You’re Pretty Boy Danny’s kid sister, aren’t you?” Much of the question was semantically void, but there was no denying that she was, in fact, Danny’s little sister, no matter what the rest of Kaye’s words were all about. Claudia nodded her head slowly. Oh great, she was going to be drawn into conversation. She didn’t like to talk to most people anyway, but just recently it seemed like more people than usual were talking to her, and they only wanted to talk about Dardanius, and it was annoying and irritating and right now more than a little unwelcome. Part of the reason she had come to Pearl Street today was to avoid this sort of thing. Part of it was to buy nail polish. With one objective ruined, at least Claudia could maybe carry out the other, if she could stay focused on her task and not flee in terror. Kaye was wearing lots of makeup. It was black, but there was plenty of it. She probably knew what she was talking about.

Claudia put down her original, apparently inferior choices, and considered those that Kaye had shown her, instead. “Thank you,” she said politely, her voice a little higher and quieter than usual as she was straining it through breathless anxiety. She contemplated a couple of the bolder shades she had been handed but she put them down again, hoping her selection wouldn’t cause controversy. “You- you’re Kaye?” she said, phrasing it almost as a question although she obviously knew the answer. She couldn’t quite look at Kaye, because eye contact was for acquaintanceships that had already been forged, and she couldn’t trust that she could look anywhere else on Kaye on not get an eyeful of something mortifying. “I’m Claudia.” And good grief that was probably as well as she would like to know the upperclassman, probably ever.

  • You gotta practice something more interesting - Kaye Packman, Fri Aug 25 17:40
    Now that Kaye had mastered making it look like she still had eyebrows, thanks to Holland, she decided that she needed to take the next step. So far, she was able to make it look like she had natural... more
    • Like what? - Claudia, Sat Aug 26 12:31
      • Literally anything else. - Kaye, Thu Aug 31 15:05
        Kaye grinned, proud to know she was right. It hadn’t been too hard. She looked quite a bit like Danny, except with lighter hair. Kaye couldn’t recall ever seeing them spend time together, which was... more
        • That was hurtful - Claudia, Fri Sep 1 15:51
          Claudia stared at the polishes in her hand. One was called Blush, the other was called Fawn. They were neutral, and unobtrusive. Safe. Permissible. They were not designed to draw attention, not... more
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