Literally anything else.
Thu Aug 31, 2017 15:05

Kaye grinned, proud to know she was right. It hadn’t been too hard. She looked quite a bit like Danny, except with lighter hair. Kaye couldn’t recall ever seeing them spend time together, which was fair. She wouldn’t want to spend more time with Danny than she had to. Plus, Danny usually came attached with his group, and this kid seemed like someone who’d be crazy overwhelmed by all of them. Well, most of them. She couldn’t imagine Emmett ever overwhelming anyone, unless he was being, like, overwhelmingly nice. She’d say he might make people feel an intense amount of second hand embarrassment, but that title probably needed to go to that Russell kid.

Being an only child, she couldn’t imagine what normal sibling dynamics might be. Plenty of people at Rocky Mountain International had younger siblings at the school now. Rose always had, Ruben’s brother was here, and even Marissa’s sister was here. All of them seemed to have different levels of closeness and friendship. Kaye didn’t get it. She thought that might be weird. Her dads didn’t seem too interested in having another kid, so she’d probably never find out what having a sibling was like anyway.

Mini-Danny seemed nervous, which was weird. How could someone be nervous in a makeup store? It was one of the most peaceful places in the world with some of the best things you could ever buy. The kid wasn’t making eye contact, but she did speak, so that seemed like progress. It didn’t cross Kaye’s mind once that she might be what was making the younger student so nervous.

“Yup, that’s me,” Kaye looked at more of the polishes, choosing a metallic lavender one for herself. She’d seen this really cool thing recently where people made their nails look like geodes. They’d layer a bunch of different polishes on top of each other, and then use a nail sander tool to go through the layers and create the neat effect. She wasn’t sure if it was her style, but it was a cool way to pass the time during one of the nights that Patience wouldn’t shut up and sleep.

She hadn’t expected to run into Claudia at the makeup shop, but it was turning into another great distraction. She didn’t have many people to do makeup things with. Holland was one, and maybe Mave was another. Kaye didn’t know him as well as she’d like, so she couldn’t know for sure. And she would never do fun makeup stuff with Heather. The thought made her want to gag. Makeup with Claudia? It could be a whole lot of fun. And, if anything, it’d confuse Danny without Kaye putting forth any effort besides being nice to a younger student.

“You have the perfect skin tone for some bolder colors, you know,” Kaye pointed out, looking Claudia up and down, “Natural tones are fine, but you’re already pretty without trying. Why not experiment?”

  • Like what? - Claudia, Sat Aug 26 12:31
    Claudia tried her best not to look at the older girl. She knew who Kaye was mostly because she looked, well, like that, and also more recently because she was the other person in Danny’s parenting... more
    • Literally anything else. - Kaye, Thu Aug 31 15:05
      • That was hurtful - Claudia, Fri Sep 1 15:51
        Claudia stared at the polishes in her hand. One was called Blush, the other was called Fawn. They were neutral, and unobtrusive. Safe. Permissible. They were not designed to draw attention, not... more
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