Connor Farnon
Awaiting clarification [Claudia]
Sat Sep 16, 2017 10:56

Dear Claudia,

Thank you for the birthday wishes. I am glad to hear that your holiday is going well. I am looking forward to our conversation. Shall we meet at 2PM at the coffee shop on Pearl Street the day we return from holidays?

Best wishes,
Connor Farnon

If Connor had been talking to Rose, he might have asked her what Claudia could possibly mean by ‘level of exclusivity’ with regards to their friendship. However, Rose had managed to torment him for much of their holiday about the letter she had intercepted from Marley, and Connor had been stonily avoiding her ever since. It was unfair for him to bear the brunt of the consequence for Marley’s absolutely obnoxious insistence on sending him things. It had happened all last summer, too. But Connor couldn’t think of a way to make her stop without being rude about it. Again, he might have asked Rose for help but he somehow did not imagine that his older sister would be willing to step in on his account. One of the older gossips in the school had plenty of things to say about Rose and what she was willing to do for her friends - there were even rumours, that Dade corroborated, about her forcing one of the older students to punch a rock in the middle of a duel - but Connor didn’t believe that level of empathy extended to her younger brothers. Or at least, not to him. Whenever Connor and Dade fought, Rose always came down on Dade’s side of things.

So instead, Connor was at the coffee shop, sipping a seasonal hot chocolate as he waited for Claudia’s arrival, wondering what in the world his friend could be planning on discussing. Connor was friends relatively exclusively with Claudia; the closest thing he had to another friend was Dade, and he got along with his brother less and less as they grew older. Marley clearly considered herself his friend, but despite having failed to come up with a method of disabusing her of that notion, Connor did not consider them friends. He considered Marley an improprietous nuisance. His affiliation with the Quidditch team had only reinforced these beliefs; before this year, the Cetus had never paid attention to the sport. Having joined at Claudia’s gentle suggestion, he had suddenly become aware of the fact that Marley was actually a Beater for the Lyra team. How ridiculous was that?

Before he could spend any amount of time contemplating what an utter waste of - well, everything - Quidditch was, Connor heard his name and turned around. He smiled. It was his friend.

“Good afternoon, Claudia,” he said. “I hope you are well.”

    • I'm afraid this might not be helpful - Claudia Dubois, Sat Sep 16 16:10
      Connor had replied that he was looking forward to their conversation. It had been one of the many positive occurrences of the second part of midterm; Claudia’s parents had hosted a New Year’s Eve... more
      • It wasn't, particularly - Connor, Sat Sep 16 18:04
        “Rather pleased to be back at school,” Connor admitted in response to Claudia’s query about his well-being. He did not elaborate; he felt no need to burden Claudia with the trials of his midterm.... more
        • With less transparency, then - Claudia, Sun Sep 17 09:32
          “I was hoping you would provide me with more details as to its specific nature,” Connor said, disappointingly. Claudia stifled a sigh as she continued to sip her drink. She had hoped he would reach... more
          • Much more helpful, thank you - Connor, Tue Sep 19 11:51
            Connor had no idea what to expect from Claudia until she said the word ‘non-platonic’ and that was when his brain shut down. He sipped his hot chocolate as she suggested that it was probably more his ... more
            • Perhaps you could repay in kind - Claudia, Tue Sep 19 14:38
              She waited with very well - if she said so herself - concealed apprehension for Connor to formulate his reply. By wrapping her hands around her mug she was able to distract herself from inflicting... more
              • If I must - Connor, Wed Sep 20 10:23
                Connor made a face when Claudia pointed out that they were hardly going to elope. Of course they weren’t; that didn’t make his concerns about how reasonable this suggestion was invalid. He still... more
                • Mission accomplished - Claudia, Fri Sep 22 15:07
                  Claudia took comfort in not being the only person at the table who was currently afflicted by reddened cheeks. She was loathe to cause Connor discomfort, but if she was suffering then it was somehow... more
                  • That wasn't too painful - Connor, Sun Oct 1 13:01
                    “It would make the most sense to set up a regular meeting,” Connor said, straightening his shirt nervously. It did sound pleasant, but it also felt weirdly...high stakes to him. Which was ridiculous, ... more
                    • No pain, no gain - Claudia, Tue Oct 3 15:25
                      “I concur,” Claudia smiled, self-satisfied that she had correctly predicted Connor’s reaction. “I hope you don’t think me too bold to suggest Sunday afternoons on Pearl Street.” It was a time when... more
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