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Tue Sep 19, 2017 11:51

Connor had no idea what to expect from Claudia until she said the word ‘non-platonic’ and that was when his brain shut down. He sipped his hot chocolate as she suggested that it was probably more his role than hers to decide the specifics of the arrangement. How was he supposed to do that? He was only thirteen - fourteen, he corrected himself - and in his opinion that was far too young to be doing anything non-platonic. His father wouldn’t even begin to discuss that sort of thing until he was at least fifteen, and even then Connor wasn’t sure how far it would get. And Claudia’s family was far too important for Connor’s father to arrange anything official between their families. Connor couldn’t imagine either one of them stepping away from their family tradition of politically advantageous engagements. So what would be the point of establishing a non-platonic arrangement?

It was unusual and unexpected of Claudia to be the one proposing this sort of thing, although Connor was not particularly offended. The third year was far too stunned to be offended.

And did he have feelings for Claudia? Connor had never thought about something like that. He could admit to having a certain appreciation for some of the girls at RMI (he found Susan Ober, two years his senior, to be attractive) but had never contemplated doing anything about that. It would be - he didn’t know what it would be. Uncomfortable. It would be uncomfortable.

He certainly appreciated Claudia. They were friends. And Connor would hate to lose that aspect of their relationship, particularly if he wasn’t entirely sure about the merits of any sort of non-platonic arrangement.

“I am not strictly opposed,” Connor said a little stiffly, hazel eyes glued to his hot chocolate. “However, I am a bit - perplexed. Surely a non-platonic relationship at our age, without the advice of our parents, is...unseemly?” he ended the last bit with a questioning note, looking for either a persuasive disagreement or a reassurance that he was correct.

  • With less transparency, then - Claudia, Sun Sep 17 09:32
    “I was hoping you would provide me with more details as to its specific nature,” Connor said, disappointingly. Claudia stifled a sigh as she continued to sip her drink. She had hoped he would reach... more
    • Much more helpful, thank you - Connor, Tue Sep 19 11:51
      • Perhaps you could repay in kind - Claudia, Tue Sep 19 14:38
        She waited with very well - if she said so herself - concealed apprehension for Connor to formulate his reply. By wrapping her hands around her mug she was able to distract herself from inflicting... more
        • If I must - Connor, Wed Sep 20 10:23
          Connor made a face when Claudia pointed out that they were hardly going to elope. Of course they weren’t; that didn’t make his concerns about how reasonable this suggestion was invalid. He still... more
          • Mission accomplished - Claudia, Fri Sep 22 15:07
            Claudia took comfort in not being the only person at the table who was currently afflicted by reddened cheeks. She was loathe to cause Connor discomfort, but if she was suffering then it was somehow... more
            • That wasn't too painful - Connor, Sun Oct 1 13:01
              “It would make the most sense to set up a regular meeting,” Connor said, straightening his shirt nervously. It did sound pleasant, but it also felt weirdly...high stakes to him. Which was ridiculous, ... more
              • No pain, no gain - Claudia, Tue Oct 3 15:25
                “I concur,” Claudia smiled, self-satisfied that she had correctly predicted Connor’s reaction. “I hope you don’t think me too bold to suggest Sunday afternoons on Pearl Street.” It was a time when... more
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