If I must
Wed Sep 20, 2017 10:23

Connor made a face when Claudia pointed out that they were hardly going to elope. Of course they weren’t; that didn’t make his concerns about how reasonable this suggestion was invalid. He still didn’t see the purpose of entering into a more exclusive relationship with Claudia, when they were both set on diverging paths. On the other hand, as Claudia continued to speak, Connor began to realize this was something that was important to her. Her cheeks seemed to be a little redder than usual when she finished her piece, and Connor realized that his probably had a similar tint. It didn’t seem like a fantastic idea, but on the other hand it didn’t seem to be a particularly problematic idea. They were clearly both on the same page about their eventual societal roles, so there was little danger of becoming too entangled. And after all, as Claudia was pointing out, it was merely a second step into a slightly different type of friendship.

“Thank you for your explanation,” Connor began, wondering how to phrase what he was going to say. His cheeks turned more red. “I would - I mean - it would be um - it would be pleasant. To have a more exclusive friendship.”

Unfortunately, although Connor might have decided to go along with Claudia’s idea, he had very little idea as to how. The relationships he had seen from afar at RMI seemed to be highly inappropriate. If Connor was going to kiss Claudia - and he quickly shoved that thought down as far as possible, afraid to examine that idea too intensely - he most certainly was not going to do it in public unlike some of the older students. Holding hands might be an acceptable action, although certainly not in class. And it seemed impractical during study times or meals. Connor and Claudia saw each other frequently but were rarely alone together, in such a situation as this. Although Connor supposed that now he had agreed to Claudia’s idea, it would be more acceptable than it hand been before.

It was, perhaps, not the best idea to put Connor in charge of the specifics of this situation.

“Shall we arrange to have more instances in more private settings, such as this?” Connor suggested. “Not solitary situations,” he added hurriedly, not wanting Claudia to think he was suggesting something untoward. “But perhaps where we are less likely to encounter our peers.”

  • Perhaps you could repay in kind - Claudia, Tue Sep 19 14:38
    She waited with very well - if she said so herself - concealed apprehension for Connor to formulate his reply. By wrapping her hands around her mug she was able to distract herself from inflicting... more
    • If I must - Connor, Wed Sep 20 10:23
      • Mission accomplished - Claudia, Fri Sep 22 15:07
        Claudia took comfort in not being the only person at the table who was currently afflicted by reddened cheeks. She was loathe to cause Connor discomfort, but if she was suffering then it was somehow... more
        • That wasn't too painful - Connor, Sun Oct 1 13:01
          “It would make the most sense to set up a regular meeting,” Connor said, straightening his shirt nervously. It did sound pleasant, but it also felt weirdly...high stakes to him. Which was ridiculous, ... more
          • No pain, no gain - Claudia, Tue Oct 3 15:25
            “I concur,” Claudia smiled, self-satisfied that she had correctly predicted Connor’s reaction. “I hope you don’t think me too bold to suggest Sunday afternoons on Pearl Street.” It was a time when... more
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