Mission accomplished
Fri Sep 22, 2017 15:07

Claudia took comfort in not being the only person at the table who was currently afflicted by reddened cheeks. She was loathe to cause Connor discomfort, but if she was suffering then it was somehow better that she wasn't alone; misery apparently was partial to company. She felt some regret at these feelings when, finally, Connor accepted her proposal. He even suggested it might be pleasant. Claudia relaxed again, aside from the indigestion she was suffering from drinking hot chocolate while anxious. Her faith in her plan was momentarily restored.

“Yes, that sounds ideal,” Claudia nodded to his suggestion of more private meetings in public locations. She smiled, with relief and self congratulation… perhaps also a little because spending time with Connor more outside of a study setting was not the least objectionable. She noted that he specified them being less likely to encounter their peers, and that was appealing to Claudia, too. She liked Marley, of course, but this particular endeavour necessitated her exclusion from the Cetus coupling; that was the entire objective. Claudia also wasn't impartial to Wyatt, and Teal was tolerable, as were the Lemont girls, but otherwise she was keen to avoid her classmates as much as possible.

“Did you want to set up a regular arrangement or would you prefer to fit these meetings in around your existing schedule as feels most convenient at the time?” She didn't mind either way; usually her routine was very predictable because she liked stability. However if it would suit Connor to be less rigid … she barely finished that thought. She couldn't conceive of a reason for Connor to prefer greater flexibility in their schedule, unless a particularly strenuous homework assignment plagued them both.

  • If I must - Connor, Wed Sep 20 10:23
    Connor made a face when Claudia pointed out that they were hardly going to elope. Of course they weren’t; that didn’t make his concerns about how reasonable this suggestion was invalid. He still... more
    • Mission accomplished - Claudia, Fri Sep 22 15:07
      • That wasn't too painful - Connor, Sun Oct 1 13:01
        “It would make the most sense to set up a regular meeting,” Connor said, straightening his shirt nervously. It did sound pleasant, but it also felt weirdly...high stakes to him. Which was ridiculous, ... more
        • No pain, no gain - Claudia, Tue Oct 3 15:25
          “I concur,” Claudia smiled, self-satisfied that she had correctly predicted Connor’s reaction. “I hope you don’t think me too bold to suggest Sunday afternoons on Pearl Street.” It was a time when... more
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