No pain, no gain
Tue Oct 3, 2017 15:25

“I concur,” Claudia smiled, self-satisfied that she had correctly predicted Connor’s reaction. “I hope you don’t think me too bold to suggest Sunday afternoons on Pearl Street.” It was a time when neither of them were likely to be otherwise occupied, having completed homework assignments well in advance of then, and any Quidditch games tended to take place on Saturdays (Claudia had watched some games last year, but this year she always watched Connor play - it was the least that she could do, having encouraged him to join the team - as well as Danny and Marley, so rarely did she not spectate).

“If it is not too objectionable to you, perhaps we could arrange a regular dinner at school, as well.” Mealtimes were the one variant within Claudia’s often pre-determined schedule; sometimes she prefered company, and other times she detested crowds. Occasionally she liked to eat before working, whereas sometimes she preferred to complete a task before she could focus on food. Therefore while she and Connor did eat together with some frequency, there was no predictability to it. She would add there was no inherent exclusivity to it, either, except it seemed the occasions their mealtimes coincided were dependably when the Diner was largely unoccupied anyway.

When Connor next began speaking his cheeks coloured again considerably, and Claudia found herself looking away, suspecting she was blushing, too, embarrassed by his embarrassment. That was bordering on ridiculous; perhaps Connor would misinterpret her own discomfort as being born from the subject matter (which was at least a believable scenario). Staring resolutely at her own hot chocolate, Claudia wondered at how pleasant it was to be back in the company of someone who might blush at the idea of holding hands, rather than the uncouth cross-section of massively misrepresented ‘polite’ society she had been forced to endure over midterm, whilst simultaneously marveling at how such a minor action could cause such a degree of discomfort for her friend, when concerning someone such as herself. It was almost a shame that he might not be approached by Marley, after all, as his reactions to her proposals, whatever they may be, were unpredictable to Claudia by this stage, if a little hand-holding prompted him to blush so readily.

“I do not think it would be proper to hold hands outside of school,” she mused, chancing a swift glance across the table from beneath lowered lashes (if this chain reaction of blushing continued someone might suspect fever was spreading and call a medic) - being seen with Connor was acceptable, but she didn’t need anybody making any comments whatsoever about her physical involvement with anyone on any level - “or in classes,” she added, because she didn’t think academia was a suitable platform for demonstrating attachment. “However, at school, in the corridors and outside spaces within the grounds, I find your suggestion agreeable.” She allowed herself another small smile.

She was, by now, feeling confident again in this arrangement. It could only serve to strengthen her relationship with Connor, save Marley from devastation, make clear to herself and others that she was desirable company to respectable individuals, thank you very much, and, if she dared to consider it, perhaps prepare her for considering more romantic involvement in the future… executed in perfect propriety, naturally.

  • That wasn't too painful - Connor, Sun Oct 1 13:01
    “It would make the most sense to set up a regular meeting,” Connor said, straightening his shirt nervously. It did sound pleasant, but it also felt weirdly...high stakes to him. Which was ridiculous, ... more
    • No pain, no gain - Claudia, Tue Oct 3 15:25
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