And time wasting
Wed Jan 18, 2017 14:29

Danny laughed as EJ thanked him for getting him to come out, like it wouldn’t have occurred to the older student if Danny hadn’t made the suggestion. That would be sad if it were true.

“Ouch,” he winced sympathetically at his friend’s bruised ribs. Quidditch was not often a gentle game, and, as a Chaser, Danny had suffered his share of Bludger injuries over the years. He wasn’t going to voice his hopes aloud that EJ’s injuries might make him a less able Keeper in the next Lyra vs Cetus game, because that seemed unsportsmanlike. Also a bit mean. He might mention it to Frankie, though. To be thorough. “Yeah Quidditch is hard enough without being Bludger bait,” he said, wondering whether Elijah was as hard on the Cetus Quidditch team as Frankie was on the his Lyra players. He doubted it.

Dardanius joined his friend in watching people pass them by. He liked people-watching; it was one of the few hobbies he had in common with his sister. Claudia would always prefer to observe people than to actually talk to them, whereas Danny would rather be engaged in some fashion, but from time to time he did enjoy seeing strangers going about their day to day business, their thoughts and feelings obscured by their idiosyncrasies on show for the world to see.

“What about you? I feel like it’s been forever since we’ve had time to hang out,” The Cetus said. Danny nodded emphatically, his mouth too full of soda to reply right away.

“Yeah, it’s been a while,” he agreed once he was able. “But not much is new,” he hated to be disappointing with his updates but there wasn’t really anything to tell. “Did I tell you I went to Paris over the summer?” he asked. He couldn’t remember if that was something he’d already thrown into one of their brief conversations since returning after the summer. “Turns out I still suck at French,” he shrugged. He tried to think of something else to add that his companion might care about. He didn’t really do much outside of classes, except Quidditch, and they had already talked about Quidditch just a second ago.

“Are you doing theater this year?” he asked. Danny never did theater himself - he liked the thought of being on stage but couldn’t sing or dance (why was he in Lyra, again?) so he gave the musical productions a wide berth - but he enjoyed watching the shows his friends were in.

  • Just playing catchup - Elijah Carthy, Tue Jan 17 23:08
    EJ could easily say that term was going smoothly for him. Quidditch practice was well underway and the team looked good in his opinion. It might have been his first year as the Cetus captain (seeing... more
    • And time wasting - Dardanius, Wed Jan 18 14:29
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