Walking is Just Dancing Boring-Style
Fri Apr 7, 2017 19:29

After concluding that he didn’t need immediate medical attention, Hunter decided to just enjoy the grass for a bit. It was good grass.

”Hey, that was one hell of a meteorite impression. You okay? ‘Cause if you survived that, you should go out for Quidditch.”

He picked his head up and looked at the speaker. It was Holland, who was cool. They had always been super visible, but recently they had been extra famous for some reason Hunter didn’t really understand. He assumed it had something to do with their hair. Why Holland was always super visible, not the other thing. That had something to do with dormitories, or something? It changed colors, which was cool. The hair, not the dormitories. Hunter didn’t know if dormitories could change color. Maybe you could use magic paint? Oh maybe Holland had invented magic color-changing paint! That would be cool.

Hunter wondered how they did it. Probably some kind of transfiguration. He briefly considered asking, but then decided against it. He’d learned enough in class to know magic like this was such a fickle thing, and also that he was no good at transfiguration.

“Hi,” Hunter managed to get out with a small wave. With a wince, he got up and brushed himself off. Yup, he was definitely going to have some spectacular bruises.

Finally Hunter’s brain realized Holland had said words. He’d been to the Quidditch matches, they seemed… busy. He wasn’t sure he really got the appeal as a spectator sport, but flying was definitely a lot of fun. A lot a lot. Maybe he should give it a try.

“‘Yeah, maybe” he said. “But I feel like I’d have to learn to dodge the ground, first.”

  • Maybe you should stick to walking - Holland Keene, Wed Apr 5 16:49
    It was rare to receive an astronomy assignment that needed to be completed during the day, but Holland had decided to design a sundial that worked with RMI’s weather charms for their final project... more
    • Walking is Just Dancing Boring-Style - Hunter, Fri Apr 7 19:29
      • What does moonwalking count as? - Holland, Mon Apr 17 18:17
        Hunter stayed lying on the grass for a few moments. He was a bit of an odd duck, on speed. In a way he reminded them of Emmett. Both because he was lying on the ground—Emmett did that more often than ... more
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