Camilla Baird
Sorting some Feelings out [Marissa]
Sat Apr 15, 2017 01:59

Things weren't going like she would have liked. No, in fact things were going down a spiral of Very Bad Things and Camilla was getting crushed by everything - or so it felt like a very big brick was pushing her down. The Ceti was sad and worried, especially since her best friend had been avoiding her quite frequently, and she hated every single minute of not being able to talk to Elijah. What was happening? Why didn't he want to spend time with her like he always used to do? Camilla sighed and growled to herself as all of her questions popped up in her mind like they had nothing else to do. Camilla was drowning a bit and she had no one to talk about it, well no one she actually trusted enough.

It was infuriating. And the only thing that help to clear her head was exercising. So, running had become Camilla´s preferred form of exercise for the last week and a half. It wasn't helping much, really since every time she saw Elijah he just wasn't even interested in talking to her. She briefly wondered if it had something to do with Danny, but they weren't even doing anything anymore. It had been brief and exciting, but it was now over.

Camilla sighed and pushed herself a bit harder to finish the last mile of her run around the Quidditch Pitch. The blonde took a last big step and stopped trying to catch her breathe. She had been pushing herself harder and even in an attempt to find the clarity she had looking for, but she had not been successful.

Elijah was still not talking to her. She also wondered if he had found someone and was trying to ease her out of their friendship. The only thing she knew was that she was losing her best friend.

Camilla took a deep breath, leaned on her knees, and tried to catch her breath. It took a minute for it to happen, but it did and the blonde started to stretch to head back to her dorm. The pitch was deserted as it was a bit later than usual, but she preferred to stay away from large crowds. Besides, quidditch happened and they wouldn't be too happy is she ran when they were practicing.

The Ceti started slowly walking towards where she had her towel and water bottle when someone caught her attention. Camilla grabbed her water bottle, took a sip, and addressed the redhead, “Hi, Marissa.” The blonde cleaned the sweat of her face. “I'm about to leave if you wanted the pitch for yourself,” she said with a smile. The Ceti adjusted her running shorts and sports bra before stretching her arms one last time.

    • But what if I don't wanna? - Marissa Kendrick, Sat Apr 15 16:23
      Marissa shouldered her broom with a frustrated sigh. Footloose was over, which was both good and bad. She’d worked really hard on the choreography, and it had been such a fun show to do with Nick. It ... more
      • You dont have to.. - Camilla, Sat Apr 15 17:32
        Camilla had gotten used to run without any kind of distraction - in this case music - since she used running to think. She had tried to get used to the muggle contraption that Marissa was using, but... more
        • I can't ignore a tag! It calls me. - Marissa, Sun Apr 16 20:57
          If she was being honest, Marissa wouldn’t have objecting to finding company out on the Pitch. A lot of her friends exercised, so she wouldn’t have been surprised to find someone out here. The student ... more
          • My bad - Camilla, Sun Apr 16 21:48
            Camilla looked at Marissa becoming a bit annoyed with the younger girl as her attitude became apparent with each passing second. The Ceti had no idea what was her problem, but Camilla was sure she... more
            • I'm not sure you really feel bad about it - Marissa, Sun Apr 16 22:09
              Marissa never liked it when people told her that she seemed to be feeling a certain way. She didn’t know why, but it was just a pet peeve. Once, Justin told her she looked mad while she was eating a... more
              • Maybe I do, but just a bit - Camilla, Mon Apr 17 11:52
                This exactly why Camilla preferred to stay away from most people, because even when one tried to be nice you ended being treated somewhat badly. It wasn't that Marissa was being outright rude towards ... more
                • Only a little bit, then - Marissa, Mon Apr 17 13:12
                  “Thanks, me too,” Marissa sighed. Usually, she would have dealt with her feelings by dancing it out in her dorm room with Rose. Knowing her best friend, that would not have been the best idea right... more
                  • It would be petty of me, really. - Camilla, Mon Apr 17 18:01
                    “I need to pick up some things and then we are going to the movies,” she answered simply. Camilla had been okay with them not having their benefits anymore, Danny was just a distraction from who she... more
                    • We wouldn't want to be petty. - Marissa, Tue Apr 18 14:15
                      So they were running some errands and then seeing a movie. Marissa knew that it wasn’t a date, because Danny was a very honest person and would have said if he was taking Camilla on dates . Still, a... more
                      • No, we wouldn't - Camilla , Tue Apr 18 18:25
                        The blonde listened as Marissa asked her if her outing with Danny was a date, as a smidge of realization passed through her mind as something told her that the redhead could have a crush on her... more
                        • And yet, here we are! - Marissa, Tue Apr 18 21:35
                          She wasn’t too sure what it was she said, but apparently she’d broken Camilla. Marissa wasn’t being mean or teasing or anything. Elijah being a good kisser was a fact, so she stated it. He was also... more
                          • You followed me! - Camilla, Tue Apr 18 22:24
                            The blonde was angry, but mostly Camilla was beyond sad. She couldn't really describe her feelings, but she was more than sure that they were Bad. It was combination of a lot of factors, and it... more
                      • No, we are above that, yes. - Camilla, Tue Apr 18 18:18
                        The blonde listened as Marissa asked her if her outing with Danny was a date, but a smidge of realization passed through her mind as something told her that the redhead could have a crush on her... more
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