Only a little bit, then
Mon Apr 17, 2017 13:12

“Thanks, me too,” Marissa sighed. Usually, she would have dealt with her feelings by dancing it out in her dorm room with Rose. Knowing her best friend, that would not have been the best idea right now. Whatever Marissa was feeling (she couldn’t figure out if it was sad, annoyed, insecure, or some other unfamiliar thing) was tied, at least in part, to Danny. If Rose found out that Marissa was feeling off, it might not be safe for Danny. Marissa adored Rose, and she thought her best friend was such an awesome person. One of the things she loved about Rose was her undying, fierce loyalty for her friends. Sometimes, though, Rose reacted to things a little too quickly. Marissa didn’t want to be responsible for a creatively hexed Danny right now.

If it were another day, she might have asked if Camilla was okay, too. Even when she didn’t know the person very well, Marissa tended to want to take care of them. That was part of why Russell was being dragged into their friend group right now. Poor thing had been at Rocky Mountain International for basically a year, and he didn’t really have any friends. He was really sweet, so she didn’t see why that was. Well, he was also a little weird, but Marissa didn’t think that counted for much. She still wanted to help him find some friends.

It wasn’t another day, though, so she didn’t want to ask. The need to be nice or the desire for decent gossip wasn’t enough to motivate her. Marissa stretched her arms into the air, exposing her midriff, and stood on her toes. Maybe if she stretched a little before running, she’d remind her body that it liked to do things sometimes.

“Marissa, if you see Danny would you please remind him we agreed to meet on Pearl Street at 4 tomorrow?”

The question surprised her and, for a moment, she lost her balance. Marissa stumbled a little, but she tried to play it off as a little hop. She cleared her throat. “Oh. Yeah, I can do that.” Danny had told her that he and Camilla weren’t doing whatever it is they’d been doing anymore. For some reason, she’d thought that meant he just…wasn’t hanging out with her at all. Even Marissa recognized how unrealistic that was. Danny and Camilla were…friends? Or something. So of course they’d still be hanging out, that’s what you did with friends, and that shouldn’t bother her.

“Are you two meeting up to…?” The question slipped even though she knew the answer –which was no – and she cleared her throat again to try and get to a different question. “Are you working on something for school? Or just hanging out?” She smiled a little. “If it’s for school, I can remind him to bring his work or whatever, too. If I see him.”

  • Maybe I do, but just a bit - Camilla, Mon Apr 17 11:52
    This exactly why Camilla preferred to stay away from most people, because even when one tried to be nice you ended being treated somewhat badly. It wasn't that Marissa was being outright rude towards ... more
    • Only a little bit, then - Marissa, Mon Apr 17 13:12
      • It would be petty of me, really. - Camilla, Mon Apr 17 18:01
        “I need to pick up some things and then we are going to the movies,” she answered simply. Camilla had been okay with them not having their benefits anymore, Danny was just a distraction from who she... more
        • We wouldn't want to be petty. - Marissa, Tue Apr 18 14:15
          So they were running some errands and then seeing a movie. Marissa knew that it wasn’t a date, because Danny was a very honest person and would have said if he was taking Camilla on dates . Still, a... more
          • No, we wouldn't - Camilla , Tue Apr 18 18:25
            The blonde listened as Marissa asked her if her outing with Danny was a date, as a smidge of realization passed through her mind as something told her that the redhead could have a crush on her... more
            • And yet, here we are! - Marissa, Tue Apr 18 21:35
              She wasn’t too sure what it was she said, but apparently she’d broken Camilla. Marissa wasn’t being mean or teasing or anything. Elijah being a good kisser was a fact, so she stated it. He was also... more
              • You followed me! - Camilla, Tue Apr 18 22:24
                The blonde was angry, but mostly Camilla was beyond sad. She couldn't really describe her feelings, but she was more than sure that they were Bad. It was combination of a lot of factors, and it... more
                • I made a mistake - Marissa, Wed Apr 19 20:17
                  Marissa wasn’t expecting to get slapped. It was sudden, and it hurt. One moment, she was touching Camilla’s arm. The next, Camilla was saying all of these things, and Marissa couldn’t process them at ... more
          • No, we are above that, yes. - Camilla, Tue Apr 18 18:18
            The blonde listened as Marissa asked her if her outing with Danny was a date, but a smidge of realization passed through her mind as something told her that the redhead could have a crush on her... more
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