What does moonwalking count as?
Mon Apr 17, 2017 18:17

Hunter stayed lying on the grass for a few moments. He was a bit of an odd duck, on speed. In a way he reminded them of Emmett. Both because he was lying on the ground—Emmett did that more often than most other people did—and because Emmett had a similar kind of distractibility. His train of thought sometimes went from point A to egg salad to Iceland to pin-up calendars to point B. Hunter was more hyper by far, though.

“Frankie can definitely teach you that,” Holland said, and then paused. Frankie wouldn’t actually be at RMI next year. It still hadn’t sunk in that Frankie and Nick (and the other seventh years, who Holland cared about, but less) were going to graduate. “Oh, I guess I mean Danny or Emmett. One of them will end up as Lyra captain.” Frankie knew better than to put Holland in charge of the team; he was strategic and brilliant when it came to Quidditch. Of course, Holland didn’t think either of their best friends was the strategic and brilliant choice for captain; both were better at Quidditch than Holland was, but the guys were more interested in attention than actually managing a team. They were the only options, though. Emmett’s age wasn’t disqualifying; Marissa had become the Aquila captain during her fifth year, so Frankie might leave the team to him.

Holland put the apple back in their bag and pulled out the clipboard with the paper they planned to record the angles from noon on. The next step of the project involved math. Occasionally, Holland could work outside, but performing calculations to make an analemmatic sundial with was not the kind of work you could do sitting on the grass. I think the library would be better for that.

“Anyway, once you get used to how your broom responds, crash landings don’t happen unless there are Bludgers involved. And someone will usually catch you before crashing even if you take a Bludger to the head.” Coach Reid always cast a spell to prevent people who fell off their brooms from becoming craters on the Pitch. The last Lyra captain before Frankie had been knocked unconscious in a match against Cetus during Holland’s second year, but Coach Reid’s wandwork was quicker than human terminal velocity.

  • Walking is Just Dancing Boring-Style - Hunter, Fri Apr 7 19:29
    After concluding that he didn’t need immediate medical attention, Hunter decided to just enjoy the grass for a bit. It was good grass. ”Hey, that was one hell of a meteorite impression. You okay?... more
    • What does moonwalking count as? - Holland, Mon Apr 17 18:17
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