We wouldn't want to be petty.
Tue Apr 18, 2017 14:15

So they were running some errands and then seeing a movie. Marissa knew that it wasn’t a date, because Danny was a very honest person and would have said if he was taking Camilla on dates. Still, a part of her felt like it was supposed to be a date. Based on how the Cetus was speaking, it was kind of implied that it was a date-like thing. And whatever errands she was running had nothing to do with school, since Camilla clarified that she didn’t need any school things. Marissa suddenly didn’t feel like running anymore. She took a seat on one of the nearby stands, near her broom. Maybe she’d fly, after all.

“Yeah, you’re welcome,” she replied from her own exhausted, barely able to move position. Spending time on her own was not going as planned, and now she just felt a little worse. What if it was a date? It’d make sense, she supposed, for Danny to date Camilla instead of her. He had the pureblood family thing going on, and so did Camilla. The Aquila didn’t know how serious the other girl’s family was about things like tradition and whatever, but it was still a trade up compared to Marissa.

She quietly shook herself out of that spiral before it got darker and twistier. Marissa had a higher opinion of herself than that. Plus, monogamy was super overrated. She’d be fine, once she gave it some time. And maybe found someone new to spend time with. It was too bad that Ruben was sought after by two of her friends. Marissa wasn’t attracted to him in that way; he wasn’t her type. He seemed like someone to get into trouble with, though, and that’s something the red head thought she could really use. She could always ask Russell to teach her some more dance things, too, or offer to teach him something. She’d be fine; she just needed distractions.

“I hope your run or flying around helps with whatever is bothering you.” Marissa shrugged, not unkindly. She really doubted that either activity was going to help her at this point, but it was nice of Camilla to say. She’d just find something else to talk about-

“So you and Danny are…? Is it a date, tomorrow?” Good job, Marissa. Dig that hole. Now just jump in and wait for someone to bury you. “Sorry, it’s not my business, I just always thought you were interested in Elijah. He told me you guys weren’t dating, but,” she shrugged, “I dunno. It’s too bad that you guys aren’t dating. He’s a good kisser, and he’s nice.”

Marissa and Elijah had shared a kissing scene during Footloose, and it hadn’t been hard to convince each other to get some extra rehearsals in. They kept sneaking in some time here and there after the show, which had been a very welcome distraction for Marissa after hell week, and then it just…stopped. Two people in a row had decided that she wasn’t someone to spend that kind of time with anymore, and one of them never even gave her an explanation. As someone who ended all of the Not Relationships (and Emmett) that she’d been in, it was a little difficult, dealing with that. It made Ethan Addams a little more tempting, even though he was a weirdo.

  • It would be petty of me, really. - Camilla, Mon Apr 17 18:01
    “I need to pick up some things and then we are going to the movies,” she answered simply. Camilla had been okay with them not having their benefits anymore, Danny was just a distraction from who she... more
    • We wouldn't want to be petty. - Marissa, Tue Apr 18 14:15
      • No, we wouldn't - Camilla , Tue Apr 18 18:25
        The blonde listened as Marissa asked her if her outing with Danny was a date, as a smidge of realization passed through her mind as something told her that the redhead could have a crush on her... more
        • And yet, here we are! - Marissa, Tue Apr 18 21:35
          She wasn’t too sure what it was she said, but apparently she’d broken Camilla. Marissa wasn’t being mean or teasing or anything. Elijah being a good kisser was a fact, so she stated it. He was also... more
          • You followed me! - Camilla, Tue Apr 18 22:24
            The blonde was angry, but mostly Camilla was beyond sad. She couldn't really describe her feelings, but she was more than sure that they were Bad. It was combination of a lot of factors, and it... more
            • I made a mistake - Marissa, Wed Apr 19 20:17
              Marissa wasn’t expecting to get slapped. It was sudden, and it hurt. One moment, she was touching Camilla’s arm. The next, Camilla was saying all of these things, and Marissa couldn’t process them at ... more
      • No, we are above that, yes. - Camilla, Tue Apr 18 18:18
        The blonde listened as Marissa asked her if her outing with Danny was a date, but a smidge of realization passed through her mind as something told her that the redhead could have a crush on her... more
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