I guess I can, if it's not too much trouble
Thu May 18, 2017 14:29

From his peripheral vision, he saw Danny go past him into the shed. Phew. His assumption had been right. That could’ve been awkward otherwise. If he’d moved out of the way when Danny was really trying to talk to him or something, then it would have looked like he was trying to avoid the other boy. Avoiding interacting with people was something Russell had what he assumed to be above-average experience with, but after Marissa’s baffling attempts to integrate him into her own friend group, well, he didn’t want to make the other students in that group think that he was rude. Especially Danny. He was certain that Danny didn’t like him, but he was the only boy in that group who didn’t obviously dislike him, so that was a start. Their recent-ish round of Truth or Dare had shown Russell that much.

Truth or Dare had, if nothing else, been a clear demonstration of why he would never fit in with this group of mostly-fifth-years. Russell knew that growing up with a mix of private school and homeschooling had had some effects on his comfort around other students. Previously, he had mostly ‘known’ this because, well, he just didn’t have any friends his own age and that was probably a sign, yeah? But now his ‘knowing’ of this was really confirmed. If the new transfer student could make them accept him enough to start dating within the group, what did that say about Russell? He had been here months longer and his only friend (a word he thought in a skeptical tone of mental-voice as his vision went fuzzy staring across the Pitch) was Marissa. Admittedly better than he’d expected coming in, but still.

Marissa had something going on with Danny -- Russell was disabled, but not blind, thank you very much -- and Danny in turn was one of the only other students around their year who hadn’t been somewhat aggressive towards him. If he had the chance, maybe he should try… No, he didn’t know how to hang out or get to know people or whatever. Good thing Danny was preoccupied. He returned Danny’s casual farewell with a head-bob that was somewhere between a jerk and a nod and watched him walk off. Phew, again. Close call. Maybe he’d just put his broom away and give up on this for today.

“Hey, some of the others are coming down soon for a game…”

Or maybe not. Russell hadn’t noticed that the older boy was also holding a broom until Danny turned back to him and he saw the Quaffle, too. “Oh. Umm.” The Californian’s immediate desire was to say a firm no. But Russell wasn’t a very firm person. And he wasn’t sure if he wanted to be in the group, since he didn’t fit anyways, but Marissa wanted him to, and Danny hadn’t glared at him or pointedly ignored him or stalked him down the halls yet this year, so… “I, I guess I could join. If you need more people. I was just gonna, erm, fly some laps,” he gestured vaguely, “so, well, if there’s an odd number, I can just do that instead.” Sensing he was on the edge of a rambling spiral, he shut up and took a couple hesitant steps towards Danny, head ducking a little as he left the shed’s shadow. “D’you just play with Chasers?”

  • Stop it and Join in - Dardanius Dubois, Tue May 16 15:43
    Danny whistled an improvised melody as he strode out towards the pitch, sunlight reflecting off his obnoxiously bright yellow t-shirt, the one that seemed to emit its own sheen even without... more
    • I guess I can, if it's not too much trouble - Russell, Thu May 18 14:29
      • But do you want to? - Dardanius, Fri May 19 06:05
        Russell’s reply wasn’t enthusiastic, but then Danny didn’t really classify Russell as a particularly enthusiastic person. He supposed maybe he just hadn’t hit on a relevant topic yet - it could be... more
        • "Want to" and "will" are separate things - Russell, Mon May 22 22:12
          Danny confirmed his guess. That wasn’t a surprise, because it made sense that Chasers would be prioritized in a mini-game of Quidditch, but it was still disappointing. Russell’s hand-eye coordination ... more
          • Yet can find a common ground - Danny, Tue May 23 14:55
            For a moment it seems as though Russell responded with some of the enthusiasm that he’d been lacking before. He sounded very adamant that he would play, but the more positive-sounding comments were... more
            • “If you admit to being dreadful it really takes the fun out of it for the rest of us.” Russell didn’t respond to this, or not verbally, at least. He did direct a small, confused frown towards Danny... more
              • Inevitably, at some point - Danny, Fri May 26 07:18
                Again Dardanius felt slightly awkward when Russell claimed there was always someone better. He was probably right, it stood to reason that a fourth year wasn’t the best in the whole world, ever at... more
                • Re: Inevitably, at some point - Anonymous, Sun May 28 21:12
                  Interestingly (to him) (which probably meant it wasn’t really very interesting at all) Danny equated his attempted explanation of informal dancing with improvisation. Russell didn’t consider... more
                  • This is where you write a title :P - Danny, Sun Jun 4 15:38
                    Dardanius wondered whether Russell would appear so nervous and apparently unwilling to join in if he had started at RMI in first year, rather than transferring into fourth when friendship groups had... more
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