"Want to" and "will" are separate things
Mon May 22, 2017 22:12

Danny confirmed his guess. That wasn’t a surprise, because it made sense that Chasers would be prioritized in a mini-game of Quidditch, but it was still disappointing. Russell’s hand-eye coordination was passable on a good day - ‘good’ meaning ‘overcast and preferably dusk’. Today’s weather did not fit this criteria. Being entrusted with the Quaffle spelled disaster. Probably not for him (he’d crash into things regardless of whether he was holding the Quaffle) but definitely for other players, both those unlucky enough to wind up on his team and the opposing members alike. The sun-blind teen’s ability to flail erratically had no preferred targets. He was as likely to drop the Quaffle as he was to throw it at the wrong player. Or, you know, throw it at their feet instead of their hands, or at their back when he got confused about what direction they were facing.

Bobbing his head along vaguely as Danny further explained the structure of their games and re-invited him to join in, Russell caught himself and burst out with a “No” when the other boy said something about how he didn’t have to join the game and started listing other options. He couldn’t back out. Marissa would be disappointed. He caught himself again, too late this time, as he realized that the word had slipped out a bit lot louder than socially acceptable. Face heating up, he resumed his more normal mumble. “Erm, I mean, of course I’ll play. It’ll be… different.” Oh, dear, different wasn’t a good description. It was like saying interesting or fine; it was like a polite way to mean something negative. “Good different. I guess. Since I’ve only played Seeker before. But I’m only, uh, good at Seeker, really, so maybe no one… I mean, maybe I should… be on my own team,” he trailed off lamely. No one would want him on their team. Well, Marissa would probably insist he join hers, but she wouldn’t actually want him there as he would drag down her chances of winning so drastically.

His eyes were getting that familiar soreness from continuously squinting. This was soon followed by an equally familiar jerking as they both twitched rapidly several times. Russell swung his broom up onto his shoulder, twisting a little as he did so, using it as an excuse to turn his head away from the sun. Only for a moment; it would be weird to just stop the conversation. Not that it was much of a conversation to begin with, honestly, but still. “Those other things…” Thinking about the options Danny had listed, he couldn’t hold back a quiet sigh. “I don’t - can’t watch movies,” he explained. “The screens and, and scenes change too much.” The last time he saw a movie was at his one and only slumber party invite for the birthday of some neighbourhood kid. All he remembered of it was sneaking into the dark pantry five minutes in, making a hiding-spot at the bottom shelf next to the flour, and accidentally snacking on enough leftover cake to raise eyebrows in the morning. “And I haven’t been to the Rec Centre. Won’t.” It was ironic that a California kid would be anti-swimming, but light refractions and water was just a terrible combination.

“But I like… dancing?” he ventured. It sounded more like a question than a proposal, which in a way, it was. Russell wasn’t sure if anyone in Danny’s group, besides Marissa, enjoyed to dance. He could feel Jaws’ nose poke against his stomach and patted his hand on top of the fanny-pack to calm the critter.

  • But do you want to? - Dardanius, Fri May 19 06:05
    Russell’s reply wasn’t enthusiastic, but then Danny didn’t really classify Russell as a particularly enthusiastic person. He supposed maybe he just hadn’t hit on a relevant topic yet - it could be... more
    • "Want to" and "will" are separate things - Russell, Mon May 22 22:12
      • Yet can find a common ground - Danny, Tue May 23 14:55
        For a moment it seems as though Russell responded with some of the enthusiasm that he’d been lacking before. He sounded very adamant that he would play, but the more positive-sounding comments were... more
        • “If you admit to being dreadful it really takes the fun out of it for the rest of us.” Russell didn’t respond to this, or not verbally, at least. He did direct a small, confused frown towards Danny... more
          • Inevitably, at some point - Danny, Fri May 26 07:18
            Again Dardanius felt slightly awkward when Russell claimed there was always someone better. He was probably right, it stood to reason that a fourth year wasn’t the best in the whole world, ever at... more
            • Re: Inevitably, at some point - Anonymous, Sun May 28 21:12
              Interestingly (to him) (which probably meant it wasn’t really very interesting at all) Danny equated his attempted explanation of informal dancing with improvisation. Russell didn’t consider... more
              • This is where you write a title :P - Danny, Sun Jun 4 15:38
                Dardanius wondered whether Russell would appear so nervous and apparently unwilling to join in if he had started at RMI in first year, rather than transferring into fourth when friendship groups had... more
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