Yet can find a common ground
Tue May 23, 2017 14:55

For a moment it seems as though Russell responded with some of the enthusiasm that he’d been lacking before. He sounded very adamant that he would play, but the more positive-sounding comments were short-lived as Russell’s response soon descended into less coherent part-sentences. Dardanius would be the first to admit that sometimes his verbal skills deserted him, but usually it took more than a pick-up game of Quidditch to render him syntactically challenged. The self-deprecation was just a little awkward. It was hardly the first time one of the group had expressed feelings of ineptitude - Emmett wasn’t the chirpiest bird in the nest - but Danny didn’t feel as though he knew Russell well enough to lightly punch him on the shoulder and tell him to get a grip.

“If you admit to being dreadful it really takes the fun out of it for the rest of us,” he said instead, the teasing tone of his voice and the smirk on his face hopefully conveying the joke. He was mostly joking. It obviously didn’t matter whether or not Russell played badly, because even if people kept score it was forgotten the next morning, at the latest. It could reasonably be expected that if Russell was really bad he might end up being picked last for teams on a more regular basis than anyone else, but there was always some grudge held or score to settle that seemed to make actual game play more or less irrelevant, anyway. The exercise was fun, but Danny considered the social benefits of Quidditch - House matches or otherwise - of far greater importance.

Russell began to explain that the suggestions Danny had made - off the top of his head, with very little thought involved - were yet less appealing to him than the Chasers-only games. The fifth year took a moment to appreciate that he hadn’t realised how restrictive Russell’s eyesight made his leisure activities, and wondered for a second how unobservant that made him as a familiar acquaintance, if not quite yet a friend. No worries, they could probably collectively come up with loads of things to do that were more Russell-inclusive if they gave it some thought.

He was immediately provided with an acceptable solution: Dancing. Ah yes, Dardanius remembered with a jolt precisely why he’d known that Russell had been at the blind date party. The fourth year had spent the evening with Marissa, and even then Danny experienced some concern and apprehension that Marissa might have been kissing a person who wasn’t him. Even he would admit he had been exceptionally slow to realise what that meant. Regardless, it had since been translated to him that Russell had impressed Marissa with his dancing abilities, which had - for a short time, a while ago - itself been a sore point for the Lyra. Danny could dance just fine, so long as he knew the steps, and the music was familiar. Dancing to less familiar melodies when he was supposed to improvise the movements for himself had always been a great deal more difficult for Danny; five years at RMI seemed to have granted him very little improvement.

He nodded to acknowledge Russell’s answer, adding, “Marissa said you dance. She was impressed; you must be pretty good.” The opportunities for Russell to join in with dancing were already existing, because Marissa often threw parties where it was commonplace for people to dance together, but they could feasibly be more abundant. Danny had never pushed for more dancing because unless they switched to the formal dances he had learned all his life - unlikely, as then he would probably be the only one dancing - then he wasn’t able to fully participate. “I only know fairly traditional dances,” he admitted, making accessible some of his thought process to Russell. “I see people dancing at the school parties and I’ve never been able to do that. I never learned how to do anything like that.”

  • "Want to" and "will" are separate things - Russell, Mon May 22 22:12
    Danny confirmed his guess. That wasn’t a surprise, because it made sense that Chasers would be prioritized in a mini-game of Quidditch, but it was still disappointing. Russell’s hand-eye coordination ... more
    • Yet can find a common ground - Danny, Tue May 23 14:55
      • “If you admit to being dreadful it really takes the fun out of it for the rest of us.” Russell didn’t respond to this, or not verbally, at least. He did direct a small, confused frown towards Danny... more
        • Inevitably, at some point - Danny, Fri May 26 07:18
          Again Dardanius felt slightly awkward when Russell claimed there was always someone better. He was probably right, it stood to reason that a fourth year wasn’t the best in the whole world, ever at... more
          • Re: Inevitably, at some point - Anonymous, Sun May 28 21:12
            Interestingly (to him) (which probably meant it wasn’t really very interesting at all) Danny equated his attempted explanation of informal dancing with improvisation. Russell didn’t consider... more
            • This is where you write a title :P - Danny, Sun Jun 4 15:38
              Dardanius wondered whether Russell would appear so nervous and apparently unwilling to join in if he had started at RMI in first year, rather than transferring into fourth when friendship groups had... more
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