Or sky, since we're flying, eventually, probably
Wed May 24, 2017 23:30

“If you admit to being dreadful it really takes the fun out of it for the rest of us.”

Russell didn’t respond to this, or not verbally, at least. He did direct a small, confused frown towards Danny as he considered the statement. How would it possibly be fun to have a bad player in the game? Certainly, it wasn’t fun for the player; Russell, having been hit or simply crashed himself on numerous occasions during Quidditch, could attest to that. And it wasn’t fun for the team, because then the rest had to work extra-hard to compensate for their bad player. Maybe it was fun for the opposing team. But that didn’t really fit with what Danny had said, unless he was genuinely considering pitting Russell against all the rest of them. The fourteen-year-old couldn’t blame him for that.

Or maybe he was referring to a more general humour. Russell didn’t watch comedy shows, since he didn’t watch TV, ever, but he did listen to some talk-only shows on the radio occasionally when he felt like he needed background noise in the Drew’s otherwise quiet and empty house. He knew from those radio hosts that comedy mostly involved telling jokes about other people’s mistakes. So from that perspective… yeah, he could see how it might be fun to watch him blunder aimlessly through the Pitch, or even play a match of pass-the-Quaffle around him. Probably would be less fun for him, since he’d be in the role of joke target, but it was nice of Danny to try to find a way to make him feel involved and stuff.

Wait… Marissa had talked to Danny about him? That was kind of weird. Russell knew that she really enjoyed their little dancing sessions, but he hadn’t thought she enjoyed herself enough to bring it up in her regular social life with her friends. And she was impressed. With him. He felt his face getting warm again. “Yeah, well, um, I know a dance style that Marissa doesn’t really know. So I guess it seems good to her. But there’s always someone better…” He trailed off with a shrug. Russell certainly didn’t feel very good when he was dancing with the group of mismatched kids at the skatepark; they had a lot more practice than he. But he didn’t feel as awkward around them, either, which was a nice change of pace.

“Traditional dances,” he echoed, trying to picture it. Russell’s mom had briefly attempted to put him in ballroom lessons once she learned about his skatepark dancing, but he hated mirrors and the dance instructor hated his dark glasses and his assigned partner hated how he kept stepping on her toes, so that had been dropped pretty quick (i.e. less than a week in). “The dancing I do, or like at parties too, probably, erm, I haven’t compared a lot of parties--” for obvious reasons “--it’s not taught or learned, really. You just… watch and copy. Then make up your own. No one tells you what to do. Maybe,” he ventured tentatively, not wanting to offend Danny, “it’s too different to understand if you normally take real lessons or whatever.”

  • Yet can find a common ground - Danny, Tue May 23 14:55
    For a moment it seems as though Russell responded with some of the enthusiasm that he’d been lacking before. He sounded very adamant that he would play, but the more positive-sounding comments were... more
    • Or sky, since we're flying, eventually, probably - Russell, Wed May 24 23:30
      • Inevitably, at some point - Danny, Fri May 26 07:18
        Again Dardanius felt slightly awkward when Russell claimed there was always someone better. He was probably right, it stood to reason that a fourth year wasn’t the best in the whole world, ever at... more
        • Re: Inevitably, at some point - Anonymous, Sun May 28 21:12
          Interestingly (to him) (which probably meant it wasn’t really very interesting at all) Danny equated his attempted explanation of informal dancing with improvisation. Russell didn’t consider... more
          • This is where you write a title :P - Danny, Sun Jun 4 15:38
            Dardanius wondered whether Russell would appear so nervous and apparently unwilling to join in if he had started at RMI in first year, rather than transferring into fourth when friendship groups had... more
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