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Sun May 28, 2017 21:12

Interestingly (to him) (which probably meant it wasn’t really very interesting at all) Danny equated his attempted explanation of informal dancing with improvisation. Russell didn’t consider improvisation to be a strength of his, either. Not that he had many strengths to begin with, except for having better night vision, which was obviously a pro-and-con in itself. But he wasn’t comfortable enough to fully improvise new rhythms. He’d picked up a variety of different movements from the other kids, but he never fully invented new ones; he preferred to try combining them or very slightly adjusting the steps, which he didn’t think counted as proper improvisation.

Danny proceeded to ask for dancing advice. The bony teen hadn’t expected that and, involuntarily, his head snapped up a little higher to blink at Danny in surprise. This was immediately followed by a flinch, one hand raising to worriedly fidget with his dark-lensed goggles yet again. Already, they’d been standing in the open Pitch for longer than he liked to, which was admittedly not very hard since he didn’t like to be out in the open at all. Was standing in the sun gonna help him with the whole flying in the sun thing? Russell doubted it.

Unlike Danny asking him for help -- him -- really? -- this was not surprising. Russell doubted a lot.

“Umm.” He tugged on one of the oddly hacked bits of hair near his ear, which had gotten caught on his goggles’ elastic. “Well, improvisation doesn’t have to be the only way to do it. If you’re able to just… watch someone nearby, see how they’re moving, then the next step is copying them. Then you don’t even need to make up something new. All you gotta do is take parts of whatever they did and put it in a different order, or something.” Russell cut off the sentence in his usual trailing manner and shrugged. “It’s, erm, probably the same thought process like what you do for Quidditch, yeah? You could practice thinking like that now, even.”

Having been feeling increasingly twitchy throughout their brief/too-long spell on the Pitch, Russell glanced around them for a moment. There were a few students hanging out up in the stands, but that seemed to be it. “Are the others, well, coming soon? Do you know? Maybe we should just start warming up. If you want to.”

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