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Sun Jun 4, 2017 15:38

Dardanius wondered whether Russell would appear so nervous and apparently unwilling to join in if he had started at RMI in first year, rather than transferring into fourth when friendship groups had already been established. While he was friends with other students, Danny would admit that the primary group with which he identified could be described as a clique. As such he could appreciate that assimilation into their group might be daunting for some (Ruben hadn’t seem uncomfortable in the slightest but Danny was beginning to wonder whether the most recent addition to fifth year might not be entirely sane) but Russell seemed to be still resisting their efforts. Maybe Marissa was having them fight a losing battle.

Even now, Russell was explaining that improvisation wasn't necessarily key, although the ‘watch and copy’ approach he was now advocating sounded a lot to Danny like teaching. That was literally the way they learned wand movements. Could his style of dancing really not be taught, or did Russell just not want to teach him? Danny wasn't sure how to feel about that. He was trying to embrace the suggestion about transferring his Quidditch skills and applying them to dance, but he was busy feeling rebuffed. “I guess,” he replied, trying hard not to frown. Seeming disappointed in Russell’s response wasn't going to help him get his way, not with dancing help nor with dragging Russell - potentially against his will - further into their friendship circle.

Whether he was ignoring Danny’s less than enthusiastic response or was keen to push past the topic, Russell moved once again to the game to which he had been invited. “Yeah, they should be gathering soon,” he said, easily shaking off the fleeting disappointment from moments earlier. “We can get in the air,” he said, holding his broomstick at hip height, where it obediently stayed when he let go so he could mount it with ease, the Quaffle under his arm creating no obstacle for a seasoned Chaser.

Danny waited a moment to give Russell the chance to join him before he kicked off and stayed a few feet above the ground, before he decided that he wasn't going to let Russell off the hook so easily. “I'm still relying on you,” he commented lightly, with an easy smile. “I'm not going anywhere that I can watch anyone dancing to copy them.”

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    Interestingly (to him) (which probably meant it wasn’t really very interesting at all) Danny equated his attempted explanation of informal dancing with improvisation. Russell didn’t consider... more
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