Dardanius Dubois
Great View
Thu Jul 6, 2017 16:42

Habitually, Dardanius would swim some mornings before breakfast at RMI. He had, however, been swimming every single day throughout the summer, so thought he'd try something different. The sixth year had donned the requisite safety belt (several of them had already tried to use the wall without the belts, but the repelling charms prevented this from being an option) and climbed to the top of the rock wall. Not on the hardest course - because why put in extra effort when he didn't have to? - but it was far enough from the beginner level end that Danny felt he had exerted himself a little, in both body and brain, by the time he had reached the top. He sat and surveyed the view from atop the rock wall, taking in the pitch, the small glade of trees and shrubs nearby, and the outdoor classroom beyond that. There was a slight breeze, which could almost convince Danny that he weren’t underground. Maybe above ground there would be more birdsong, perhaps a more realistic warmth of the sun on his forearms. Probably more flies.

After a short while, Danny was getting hungry and in need of company (he didn’t mind doing some activities on his own, but just sitting alone gave him far too much time with his thoughts, and that was rarely a good thing). Considering the options for returning to the ground, there was really only one contender: the zipline.

When Danny landed, his too-long-to-be-neat, chestnut brown hair was windswept, and his brown eyes were bright with childish exhilaration. He might not have let out the loud whoop on the way down if he’d have realised that someone would have heard him. He hadn’t seen anyone approaching, but then he had only been facing one direction, and the Quidditch stands offered plenty of cover, intentional or otherwise. The Lyra also hadn’t been looking for anyone - it was the first day back at school and breakfast was still in its early stages; there weren’t that many students who would be out on the pitch at this time. “I always forget how fun that is,” Danny said, greeting the unexpected presence nearby. He pulled straight his pink and purple horizontally striped t-shirt that had come a bit twisted in his activities, and shoved his hands into the pockets of his gray combats.

    • Why thank you! - Camilla Baird, Sun Jul 9 10:27
      There were a lot of beneficial things that came from going back to a routine, and Camilla was beginning to acknowledge them, especially since she had spent most of her summer traveling either with... more
      • You're Welcome! - Dardanius, Sun Jul 9 16:20
        Danny hurriedly withdrew his hands from his pockets as the approaching figure of Camilla came towards him for a hug. He laughed, hugging her back. It was such a relief to be friends again. The end of ... more
        • It's always appreciated! - Camilla, Wed Jul 12 12:50
          The blonde felt happy when Danny returned her hug, especially since she had been worried about him not wanting to spend any more time with her due to Rose or Marissa´s bad influence. Yes, she had... more
          • You're always a good view - Danny, Wed Jul 12 15:24
            He was pleased to hear that her summer was amazing, but Danny was non-plussed by the teasing comment she made in return about his own summer. It really hadn’t been anything spectacular, just plenty... more
            • You'll make me blush...please continue - Camilla, Fri Jul 14 11:15
              Camilla couldn't help it, she burst out laughing at Danny’s explanation, but if she was honest, a wave of relief washed over her - probably quite obvious on her face, too - when the truth about the... more
              • I could watch this all day - Danny, Sun Jul 16 15:02
                Camilla laughed at him. A lot. Danny supposed he deserved that. He had the good grace to wait for the seventh year to stop laughing at him wearing his own smile of amusement. Then when she brought up ... more
                • Excellent - Camilla, Mon Jul 17 11:13
                  “Me too,” the blonde Cetus said genuinely without being able to control the smile adorning her face. Camilla was glad that she had Danny to talk to about this. She had told no one about her feelings... more
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