Alistair Hazelhurst
How high is it?
Fri Jan 13, 2017 00:41

Alistair's first day at RMI was turning out to be rather interesting, and his roommates hadn't been particularly helpful, or talkative for that matter since he had arrived. He fumbled his way out of bed that morning earlier than the other boys and when he saw the big hand of his watch sitting on the five. After a few minutes of struggling to get out of bed, he pulled himself out to grab some clothes and get ready for the day. After a quick shower, and putting on a pair of clean, boot-cut blue jeans, and a black t-shirt he struggled to part his hair in some semblance of neatness. After a few minutes of struggling, he sighed and gave up on it. He would never understand how his grandfather could style his hair so quickly, when it wasn't even hair on his head!

He'd sat in the Finer Diner for a bit, noticing students beginning to straggle in before their first class, but decided not to sit with anyone. He had one of his textbooks out and sipped a cup of coffee while reading a bit on Introductory Spellwork. Whoever this Miranda Goshawk lady was sure needed someone to help her lighten up. A number of her warnings about using spells beyond what she had recommended for beginning students seemed rather silly. Something about side-effects, wand-misuse and caution in incantations pronunciation.

After a while, he checked his watch and noticed that it was about twenty minutes until class started, he headed out the Quidditch Pitch. Now, he'd never heard of Quidditch in Mississippi but as he arrived at the Pitch, he realized that it was probably something beyond even his wildest, fantasy imagination. Though the strange patches of red grass were somewhat confusing, and he hoped that he wasn't going to irritate the groundskeeper by stepping on them.

When Professor Mckindy introduced himself and began going over the lesson, Alistair had a hard time following what the man was talking about. He gripped his wand tightly and hoped that this eleven inch stick of willow would be able to actually do what the professor was asking of them. When he said that the first spell was going to be a little beyond the ability of the first years to cast, part of Alistair almost flared up. Was that a challenge to cast it? Or was it actually a warning to avoid using that spell if at all possible. The task itself was challenging enough, having to move between the patches of green grass without touching the red grass would be a toughie.

Alistair walked over to grab a metal disc, when a girls voice suddenly bombarded his ears. He looked up and saw a young woman, about his age with long black hair in a neatly kept bun staring at him as he stood up and tried to make sure his hair was somewhat presentable.

"Well miss, I reckon I could give it a try. I'm not sure if I'll be able to cast it though. I've never used magic before." Alistair replied quietly, giving her a half hearted smile.

"Although, I wonder if it would be possible to get back and forth with just using the Levitation Charm." Alistair had no idea who this girl was, but if she was going to be working with him, he would at least be honest with her. "I'm Alistair by the way, Alistair Hazelhurst." He reached out his right hand to shake hers, tucking the metal disc between his left arm.

  • A high note indeed - Beatriz Bonilla Estevez, Thu Jan 12 14:55
    Beatriz Bonilla Estevez had woken up early for her first day as a student at RMI. She dressed in tailored black jeans, a cute light blue colored blouse, sensible shoes and her school robes. She... more
    • How high is it? - Alistair Hazelhurst, Fri Jan 13 00:41
      • So high they made a movie out of it? - Connor Farnon [Cetus], Fri Jan 13 05:50
        On the first day of classes, Connor woke up early and got dressed, selecting a blue polo shirt and khakis to go under his uniform robes. He had noticed that a lot of students - and particularly upper ... more
        • Was it a good movie? - Beatriz, Fri Jan 13 10:32
          Beatriz turned and looked at the boy she had ended up speaking to. A boy she remembered from last night who had been sorted into Cetus. There were plenty of Lyra first years she wondered how in the... more
          • I reckon it's decent at worst. - Alistair Hazelhurst, Fri Jan 13 17:35
            Alistair smiled at Beatriz and shook her hand, gently, but with a touch of firmness. He had no idea who she was, but she seemed to have an air of importance around her, almost like the minister and... more
            • Well at least it wasn't a book - Connor, Sat Jan 14 15:14
              Thankfully, Connor had arrived at the two students before they’d actually made their introductions, which was very convenient for him as he didn’t have to ask them to repeat themselves. He, of... more
              • I like books! - Beatriz, Sat Jan 14 23:26
                Beatriz nodded when Alistair said nice to meet you, and that he looked forward to working with her. That seemed like an odd thing to say since he didn’t know if she would be a good worker or even... more
                • Books are a wonderful thing - Alistair Hazelhurst, Mon Jan 16 17:23
                  Alistair smiled as Connor introduced himself. "Pleasure to meet you Connor. I'm in Cetus as well." Watching Connor, Alistair could tell that he was trying to put on a mature face in front of himself... more
                  • Wonderful, they call me wonderful - Connor, Mon Jan 23 06:37
                    When Beatriz suggested using tires, Connor looked over to where she was looking and she was right - there were several tires there. The Cetus frowned. He wasn’t sure if that was a good idea. Since... more
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