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Sun Jul 9, 2017 16:20

Danny hurriedly withdrew his hands from his pockets as the approaching figure of Camilla came towards him for a hug. He laughed, hugging her back. It was such a relief to be friends again. The end of last term had been really weird; first Danny had needed to avoid Camilla, and then Camilla had chosen to avoid Danny, and it was all so unnecessarily awkward. He had been concerned that upon returning to school, all his friendship dynamics would remain skewed (which was part of the reason, he would admit, he was out here alone, delaying the moment when he’d be back in everyone’s company without the segregation of the House bonfires), so it was fantastic to have that worry at least partially alleviated.

“I don’t mind at all,” he replied with an easy smile. “It’s great to see you.” He was being honest, not just polite, which was probably conveyed through the enthusiasm of his communications. Despite knowing Camilla as EJ’s friend for years, Danny had only really gotten to know her at the start of the previous year - as a consequence of their very short-lived non-romance, and of Elijah not being as sociable as usual, he’d actually spent more time with Camilla than with EJ last year - but now considered her to be a good friend. “Good summer?”

It was Camilla’s last year at RMI, which was sort of daunting. He didn’t know how she felt about it, but for Danny it seemed ridiculous that some of his friends wouldn’t be around next term because they were finished with schooling. He didn’t think anyone would disagree with him that not a single one among them was suitably mature to be considered an adult. Holland could sometimes be sensible, but then they’d spout some eccentric conspiracy theory or other and Danny would be reminded that Holland was equally naive as the rest of them, just in a different way.

There was a part of Danny that wanted to ask Camilla about Elijah. She had confided to him before the summer break that she was in love with her best friend. He really hoped they managed to work something out, one way or another, because he thought they would be really good for each other, if their close friendship was any indication. Also Camilla had said some things to Danny about being trapped by ideals, and he’d never forgotten her comments, or how it had made him feel. He genuinely wanted her to find happiness. However, he didn’t really see it as any of his business to interfere. He hoped she would forgive the would-be casual inquiry of, “How’s EJ?” It could, after all, be construed as a perfectly acceptable query about his friend, to whom Danny had not spoken since term resumed.

  • Why thank you! - Camilla Baird, Sun Jul 9 10:27
    There were a lot of beneficial things that came from going back to a routine, and Camilla was beginning to acknowledge them, especially since she had spent most of her summer traveling either with... more
    • You're Welcome! - Dardanius, Sun Jul 9 16:20
      • It's always appreciated! - Camilla, Wed Jul 12 12:50
        The blonde felt happy when Danny returned her hug, especially since she had been worried about him not wanting to spend any more time with her due to Rose or Marissa´s bad influence. Yes, she had... more
        • You're always a good view - Danny, Wed Jul 12 15:24
          He was pleased to hear that her summer was amazing, but Danny was non-plussed by the teasing comment she made in return about his own summer. It really hadn’t been anything spectacular, just plenty... more
          • You'll make me blush...please continue - Camilla, Fri Jul 14 11:15
            Camilla couldn't help it, she burst out laughing at Danny’s explanation, but if she was honest, a wave of relief washed over her - probably quite obvious on her face, too - when the truth about the... more
            • I could watch this all day - Danny, Sun Jul 16 15:02
              Camilla laughed at him. A lot. Danny supposed he deserved that. He had the good grace to wait for the seventh year to stop laughing at him wearing his own smile of amusement. Then when she brought up ... more
              • Excellent - Camilla, Mon Jul 17 11:13
                “Me too,” the blonde Cetus said genuinely without being able to control the smile adorning her face. Camilla was glad that she had Danny to talk to about this. She had told no one about her feelings... more
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