Coach Gerry Reid
Just A Minor Explosion (Years 1-3)
Tue Jul 11, 2017 18:23

Gerry had grown up with Muggle sports. Football had been his favourite; he could still recall his disappointment at having to leave his dreams of the Scottish youth league behind when he went to Hogwarts. But he had only ever participated in one magical sport: Quidditch. It had quickly overtaken football in his rankings. The senior firmly believed anyone with half a brain could tell you that Quidditch was the most demanding test of physical abilities, superior by far to such mediocre relatives as Stichstock and Quodpot. (The old Irish broom-game Aingingein would have been a fair contender, if only a league still existed. Were Gerry younger, he might’ve attempted to revive it with some of his old teammates.)

Alas, Americans were weirdly proud of their Americanisms. Quidditch wasn’t technically a class, and his role as coach didn’t technically make him a teacher, but still Gerry was expected to give the students some sort of education about Quodpot – it had been invented by an American, which made it a bit hard for him to escape. He’d found a loophole this term, however.

“Good morning. I’m Coach Reid,” he greeted the students gathered in front of the supply shed. Gerry always reintroduced himself to student groups, because frankly he didn’t trust their memories on his name. “As you’ll likely have seen or heard—” he’d posted flyers to all the House notice boards, as well as made actual verbal announcements during breakfast the past several days “—today we have a special guest, who specifically requested to meet with you younger years in order to... ‘introduce you to the fantastic world of Quodpot’,” he recited, reading off the notecard that the aforementioned guest had given him. This was both the first and last time that Gerry Reid would ever use the words fantastic and Quodpot in the same sentence. “So please join me in welcoming Sheldon Carter.”

A burly, ginger-haired man swung around the corner of the shed. Sheldon was of the opinion that dramatic entrances were a priority, and so was presently juggling three Quaffles – or what he assumed that the students assumed were Quaffles.

“Hello!” Sheldon boomed. This was followed by a literal BOOM as one of the balls exploded in his face. It wasn’t a fiery explosion; no, it was more like a firecracker. Noisy, sparkly, and a veritable rainbow of coloured smoke that made his hair stick up. He laughed, tossing the remaining balls into a liquid-filled barrel that Gerry had reluctantly pulled out while he was busy juggling. “Well, that’s a fine way to start! As my dear man Gerald said, my name is Sheldon.” (Gerry grumbled. They were definitely not on first-name terms.) “What he didn’t say is that I’m a professional Quodpot player with the Pennsylvanian Pixies. That there was an exploding Quod. Hope none of the pieces hit you guys.” The balls were pretty soft, at least in his opinion, so it was probably fine and no harm done.

“I’m guessing not many of you have played Quodpot before, hey? International school and all. Well, don’t worry, I’ll soon catch you up on the best sport this side of the pond.” Finger-combing his hair back into place, and smudging greenish smoke across his forehead in the process, Sheldon treated the students to his Charming Carter Chuckle (trademark pending). He then explained the basic game to them: eleven players per team, juggling the Quod between them and trying to put it in a cauldron of anti-explosive solution at the end of the Pitch. “It’s basically like the kiddie game Hot Potato. Except if the Quod explodes on you, then you’re outta the game!” he concluded, too cheerfully.

“Okay, there’s enough of you all here that we can play a proper game,” Sheldon noted, doing a quick head-count. “But first, let’s work on the skills. Pair off and grab a practice Quod – don’t worry, they still explode, but the pieces are charmed to re-form into a new Quod. Less mess.” He winked. (Gerry watched skeptically. Winking was never appropriate in a class setting.) “Fly it with your partner down the Pitch, and dunk it in the barrel before doubling back to the other end, then dunk it in that barrel, and so on. You could race another pair, or just practice listening to it. Listening is important.” Sheldon was still smiling because gosh, he loved this sport, but he nodded seriously. Quod explosions were finicky. The best Quodpot players were the ones who took time to listen. Listen well, and you could figure out how its explosion came slower or faster at different flight speeds, or catch the oh-so-faint whistling and/or steaming that preceded a boom.

He didn’t think to define what he meant by ‘listening’, though, and flung out his arms dramatically. “So get your brooms, partners, and Quods, and have at it! I’ll give you half an hour to practice with your partners, and then we’ll set up for a group game.” (Gerry sighed and mounted his own broom. He strongly doubted the students’ abilities to fly with an exploding ball and not freak out midair.)

Please note that, although students were encouraged to bring their own brooms, there are also school brooms available in the supply shed that they may borrow.
And remember, Gerry and Sheldon won’t let students get hurt – so if your student gets spooked and falls off their broom, don’t write them crashing, as one of them will swoop in to save the day.
Welcome to Quodpot! And happy writing!

    • Exploding with excitement - Katherine Kendrick, Sat Jul 22 10:11
      Kit was super ready for the lesson. She had thrown on a neon yellow shirt over blue jeans and her favorite bright pink sneakers and run to the Quidditch Pitch as fast as she could. Obviously Kit... more
      • After you explode, can I keep your guts? - Stella E.M. Ramiro, Sat Jul 22 11:56
        Stella didn't do sports. That isn't to say that she wasn't good at sports- her various misadventures made her quite hasty and forced her to be able to hold her own. Over the course of her first year... more
        • Are you going to keep them safe? - Kit, Sat Jul 22 12:18
          The girl that Kit had spoken to was wearing a black shirt and gray skirt, which was pretty much the opposite of what Kit was wearing. The first year Lyra thought that was pretty nifty. She liked... more
    • How is this minor? - Remington Burnham (Draco - 2nd Year), Thu Jul 20 14:04
      Give Remington Burnham a textbook, and the Draco could do pretty much anything. Give the Draco a sport, and she’d happily watch from the sidelines. It bothered her that this class wasn’t optional.... more
      • If it was major, it’d bring the rock wall down - Andrew Tennant [Cetus], Sun Jul 23 00:18
        Drew had played a good amount of Quidditch. His cousin was the captain of the Aquila team, and his other cousin, Josh, played too. Sometimes Drew and Kit played pick-up Quidditch with them, which was ... more
        • No, we like the rock wall! - Remington, Tue Jul 25 22:25
          It was her lucky day. The student she bumped didn’t have a partner yet. Remington loved meeting new people. She thought she’d get to do that less now that she wasn’t a first year, but there were... more
          • #ProtectTheRockWall - Drew, Fri Jul 28 14:53
            Remington had a big name and a firm handshake. He was impressed by the handshake but Drew thought it was kind of a weird name for a girl. “Remington” sounded more like the kind of name a detective... more
            • We must protect the wall! - Remington, Sat Aug 5 13:31
              He liked her bow! Remington smiled brightly. It always made her happy when people complimented them. Her dad put lots of work into them, and he’d even started to team up with her mom to make them... more
              • Time to take the black - Drew, Wed Aug 9 23:21
                Drew wasn’t the most sporty person so he didn’t know what made someone qualify as having a good arm, but Remington threw the Quod right to him so as far as Drew was concerned, she had a good arm. All ... more
    • We're all mad here - Dylan Xavier, Draco, Wed Jul 19 11:59
      Dylan was coming to the conclusion that magic made people crazy. The first proof he had encountered at RMI was Pepper-Up Potion. Further evidence presented itself so frequently he had stopped... more
      • I'm offended - Connor Farnon, Sat Jul 22 08:17
        As a rule, Connor Farnon was not one for sports and he grimaced the moment he stepped on to the Quidditch Pitch, broom in hand. He didn’t particularly want to own a broom, but as soon as he had... more
        • You shouldn't be. It's just the wizarding normal - Dylan Xavier, Thu Aug 10 10:26
          Dylan nodded in acknowledgment as Connor agreed to partner him and introduced himself. "I'll get a quod," he volunteered since it looked like the older boy didn't have one yet. As the youngest of... more
          • While Dylan went to get the quod, Connor took the opportunity to dismount and wipe down the borrowed school broom. He didn’t know any sanitizing spells but since anyone could use the school brooms,... more
    • May I be excused? - Claudia Dubois (Cetus 3rd year), Sun Jul 16 15:33
      Claudia was not at all impressed to be summoned to a compulsory Quadpot lesson. If it had been optional, she most certainly would not be found on the Quidditch pitch, wearing exceptionally finely... more
      • Me too, please - Mikael Anselm Lundqvist [1st year, Draco], Tue Jul 18 23:21
        Kalle-Anssi was feeling uncomfortable. Uncomfortable in an unfamiliar way, which was a strange experience for him. Quite often he was uncomfortable in a familiar way, especially when he was at home... more
        • Think they'd notice if we left? - Claudia, Sun Jul 23 16:13
          Claudia blinked at the younger student as he did not deign to reply. She didn’t think her question had been especially tricky, but then maybe the blonder blond was trying to decide whether or not... more
          • Well, it can't hurt to try - Anssi, Thu Jul 27 22:03
            Anssi knew better than to feel embarrassed by his unsmooth abilities at speaking English, because he knew he was trying his best and he was at an international school anyways so there was probably at ... more
            • Less talk more action - Claudia, Sun Jul 30 06:52
              “Claud-i-a,” she repeated, stressing the middle syllable. While she didn't strictly mind one of the first years referring to her incorrectly as Clawda, she didn't see any harm in correcting him,... more
              • Just a very small action, please - Anssi, Fri Aug 4 21:46
                Anssi blushed at the correction and tried to listen even more carefully this time. “Sorry, sorry! Claw-dia,” he echoed. Well, if he understood properly, the word echo was used to mean something that... more
    • With a Major in AWESOME - Hunter Ioma (2nd Year Lyra), Sat Jul 15 19:27
      Hunter had not heard of Quodpot before hearing the announcement at breakfast several days ago, but he was instantly excited to learn another flying sport. Flying was a lot of fun by itself, and... more
      • And a minor in Pyrotechnics? - Clayton Reinhart (1st Year Draco), Tue Jul 18 21:46
        Clayton was looking forward to this class. He’d seen the flyers around school, and heard the announcements several times at breakfast, and as much as he was still shy to meet other new students, he... more
        • Also Another Minor in "Bwuh?" - Hunter, Sat Jul 22 16:50
          Hunter caught the ball (or Quod or whatever) that his partner tossed back to him and zoomed up to pick up some altitude. Once he got up to about twenty feet he looked around and saw the other guy... more
    • A Whole New World - Satveer (Sam) Mittal, Wed Jul 12 15:58
      Being home schooled, sports or P.E (Physical Education) as it was known in the UK, was a little odd for both student and teacher. The lessons didn’t come naturally and after a few failed attempts,... more
      • Shining, Shimmering, Exploding - Teal Rosse [Draco] , Thu Jul 13 17:21
        When Teal Rosse had first heard of Quodpot, she was impressed by her mom’s ability to rope other people in on her pranks. She hadn’t believed Mom when Mom told her about a game where you tried not to ... more
        • Hold your breath it gets better - Satveer (Sam) Mittal, Sun Jul 16 14:24
          With the exception of his trainers, Satveer’s sports kit was dull and monochromatic. His plain black shorts, a grey flat t-shirt and white socks were accompanied by Satveer’s pride and joy - his ‘Fat ... more
          • Every turn a surprise - Teal, Thu Jul 27 05:57
            Firstie revealed his name as Satveer, and before Teal could repeat it back to him, he said “Call me Sam.” He then complimented her… something?? High tops? He’d looked at her shoes, so he probably... more
            • With new horizons to pursue - Satveer (Sam) (1st year Lyra), Mon Jul 31 09:04
              Perched atop his broom Satveer, shining like a birthday card, lifted from the ground. Tensions of unexploded quods had lifted and the mood was somewhat easier – the only thig that could hurt either... more
              • Or say we're only dreaming? - Teal, Wed Aug 2 07:42
                Teal didn’t realize that “high-tops” had a specific meaning (and wasn’t just British for “sneakers”). Sam seemed to be really in to shoes, which was funny for a guy. With “fat flats” like that, he... more
                • Soaring, Tumbling, Freewheeling - Satveer (Sam) Mittal, Tue Aug 8 08:46
                  It all happened so fast. Satveer’s spark of elation was doused in a wave of dread and guilt as he glanced at the cloud of glitter and smoke that lingered where Teal was. For the briefest of... more
    • I want a major one! - Marley Chapman [3rd year, Lyra], Tue Jul 11 22:57
      Over the last couple years, Marley had really come to enjoy Quidditch, and she thought she was really good at it, too. Granted, her standard for being “really good” at things basically came down to... more
      • Let’s keep explosions to a minimum, please. - Magdalena Adler [2nd year, Lyra], Wed Jul 12 17:28
        Step out of your comfort zone. That’s the advice Magdalena had been given time and time again, and once again she was trying to heed it. It wasn’t very difficult for her think up situations which... more
        • We'll have to compromise - Marley, Thu Jul 13 21:55
          Maybe her tone of voice hadn’t been very easy-to-read after all. Marley had what her mum teasingly called an “unpoker face”. She didn’t really understand what that meant, or at least, she didn’t... more
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