Magdalena Adler [2nd year, Lyra]
Let’s keep explosions to a minimum, please.
Wed Jul 12, 2017 17:28

Step out of your comfort zone. That’s the advice Magdalena had been given time and time again, and once again she was trying to heed it. It wasn’t very difficult for her think up situations which caused her discomfort (Alena was afraid of almost everything) but the Quodpot lesson had sounded especially unnerving. Naturally, it was a great source of stress for Magdalena but she promised herself as she looked in the mirror that morning that this was going to be fun, she would not fall into quiet despair but rather fully engage with her fellow students.

She could only hope that once on the pitch her breathing would steady and her hands would stop shaking. It was just like pre-exam jitters, she always felt fine once she was staring at the question sheets and Quodpot might be the same. Alena didn’t play Quidditch but her brother had been a beater for Draco during his time at RMI and her papa had also played in his youth. As a result she had always had an interest in the game and attended all the Lyra matches, sitting alone and quietly cheering the team on even if she’d never had the confidence to take up the sport herself. Perhaps, Quodpot wouldn’t seems as daunting. Alena didn’t know much about the sport, had resisted researching it in advance incase it put her off the whole outing, but she imagined it to be a tamer version of the sport she knew.

Unfortunately for Alena this world view was quickly obliterated when some red-haired man started tossing around smoking balls within minutes of her arrival at the pitch. Alena shrieked, jumping to the back of the crowd until she felt she was a safe distance from the spectacle. Her face had taken on a waxy complexion and the Lyra shook her head nervously from side to side, her blonde pigtails bouncing in unison. This was a terrible idea. Magdalena now knew she hated Quodpot. She did not wished to leave this world at the mercy of some poorly conceived American sport.

Panic-stricken she took in little of the lesson as her mind filled with images of burned limbs and the searing embarrassment this lesson was sure to cause. She barely registered the signal for the students to pair up and get stuck in. Indeed, it was only when she had to duck to avoid actual humiliation in the form of broom to face contact that Alena registered the activity beginning to take place around her.

At first when Alena realised it was Marley speaking to her she was relieved. Marley was on the quidditch team so she was well equipped to handle quodpot, however as the older girl chattered on Alena’s concern returned with vigor.

Marely was a little demented. She seemed excited about the idea of being blown up. For once Alena didn’t think her own fears were irrational and so Marley’s behaviour was unsettling. Did she really want to put her livelihood in the hands of a thrill seeker?

Alena smiled back numbly. She had no other choice but to partner up with Marley. She didn’t want to be rude nor did Alena want to be partnerless, merlin knew she’d experienced that enough. She clutched the handle of her broom harder and admitted, “I’m not so sure about quodpot. It looks a little scary but uh- yes. Yes, we should give it a go. Always try something once right?” She took a deep breath, the previous ramblings having calmed her nerves to a more manageable level, although she was not feeling brave enough to touch any exploding quods, “Would you mind fetching the quaffle-err quod thing?”

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    • Let’s keep explosions to a minimum, please. - Magdalena Adler [2nd year, Lyra], Wed Jul 12 17:28
      • We'll have to compromise - Marley, Thu Jul 13 21:55
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