Teal Rosse [Draco]
Shining, Shimmering, Exploding
Thu Jul 13, 2017 17:21

When Teal Rosse had first heard of Quodpot, she was impressed by her mom’s ability to rope other people in on her pranks. She hadn’t believed Mom when Mom told her about a game where you tried not to have something blow up in your face. She hadn’t believed Dad when Dad confirmed that yes, it was a real game, and she hadn’t believed the radio when Dad found a match going on that very day. Six-year-old Teal was very gullible. But the Draco couldn’t resist mentioning the “Quodpot Day!” signs to her parents in her most recent letter home. “Mom, can’t believe you managed to put them all over the school!”

Teal pulled her straight light brown hair back in a lopsided French braid. She didn’t want any hair to come loose and hit the Quod! The braid was lopsided not just because Teal wasn’t great at braiding her own hair, but also because she was a tiny bit nervous. She wasn’t athletic (or even graceful), and after Flying Lessons in her first year, Teal hadn’t spent more than ten minutes on a broom. Mom and Dad had offered to buy her one, but Teal didn’t see any need. Quidditch was fun to watch, but Teal didn’t see how people liked Quodpot. Weren’t they worried about the players getting hurt?

She tightened the laces on her yellow chucks and pulled her robes over her tank top and shorts. The shirt was dark blue with a sea turtle on it, which was almost as good as an iguana. The clothes fit well and were stretchy enough she could move around in. Teal used to have gym shorts, but she kept growing, and at five-foot-six the shorts were really short. Regular shorts would do. She didn’t bother with makeup, figuring it would sweat off. Or possibly get blown off. Why couldn’t Americans like Quidditch like the rest of the world?

Teal was nervous enough she only had one sandwich (tuna fish) and an apple for lunch instead of her usual two sandwiches, apple, banana, chips or pretzels, and cookies. (She really kept growing!). The freckly girl made her way to the Quidditch pitch reluctantly. A few other students were there, and Teal avoided catching anyone’s eye as she went over to the broom shed. Draco wasn’t a sporty house, but it was a little embarrassing to use a school broom.

Once the lesson started, however, Teal’s spirits lifted. Coach Gerry seemed a little disgruntled to be teaching Quodpot, to the girl’s amusement. And then some crazy guy came from behind the broomshed, juggling Quaffles, only they weren’t Quaffles, they were Quods, she remembered as one BLEW UP. Teal flinched backwards and giggled nervously. It was mostly smoke, she saw. She giggled again as she had the thought that this was full of hot air!

“Fly it with your partner down the Pitch, and dunk it in the barrel before doubling back to the other end, then dunk it in that barrel, and so on. You could race another pair, or just practice listening to it. Listening is important,” Crazy Guy said, gesturing wildly. Teal looked suspiciously at the buckets of anti-exploding-potion, then even more suspiciously at the pile of Quods. They were supposed to listen to them? What, did they start whistling like a tea kettle before they exploded? She didn’t remember Crazy Guy’s Quods whistling.

The kid to her left turned to her. ”“If people failing to balance on a broom whilst carrying explosives is your thing, then I’m your guy!” Teal giggled, glad that someone else wasn’t feeling confident about Quodpot. The firstie (she didn’t recognize him) spoke with a British accent and had his hair tied up in a sort of bandana doohicky. He was like a smaller, more foreign version of Raja.

“Sure, Guy!” She said, picking up her broomstick. “Although I gotta warn you. I’m not very good at flying either.” She walked over to the pile of Quods and gingerly picked one up. Holding it at arm’s length, she returned to the firstie. The Quod seemed to shake a little in her hand, and she grimaced at it. “I’m Teal, by the way. Um, welcome to America? I swear we’re not this dumb most of the time.”

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