We'll have to compromise
Thu Jul 13, 2017 21:55

Maybe her tone of voice hadn’t been very easy-to-read after all. Marley had what her mum teasingly called an “unpoker face”. She didn’t really understand what that meant, or at least, she didn’t really understand what it looked like; Marley almost never looked at herself in the mirror, not even when she was styling her hair, because she knew her hair would almost never cooperate anyways and it was easier to just finger-comb it into a frizzy lump under an elastic rather than bothering with having to go to the bathroom and comb it out in a mirror when the comb would just get stuck in her curls anyways.

But apparently, despite what her mum said, it was actually possible for others to misinterpret her unpoker face, because her younger Housemate didn’t seem to realize how much potential this game had. She couldn’t help giggling a bit at Alena’s claim that it seemed scary. “Well, everyone likes a good haunted house at Hallowe’en, right? Even when it’s scary.” There was probably some kind of logic behind her comparison of a rigged house people that walked through versus a real sport with real explosions. Probably. “So scary or not, Quodpot’s totally gonna be fun!” Marley insisted optimistically (could it really be called optimism when she was literally, like, a hundred-and-five-percent certain that she was right?).

“Sure!” Marley skipped over to the Quods, Afro flouncing above her. She made sure to greet a couple of the other Quidditch players along the way, flashing them wide happy smiles that she was certain would be returned. The Quod felt lighter in her hand than she expected and the teenager studied it curiously while she walked back towards Alena. Was it actually a lighter ball? Or was it, like, the normal Quaffle weight? She’d only ever played as a Beater; maybe she had picked up a Quaffle before when cleaning up after Lyra’s team practices, but she couldn’t remember it well enough to know how heavy it had been and compare it to the Quod now.

“You’ve never really played Quidditch before, right?” she checked with Alena as she drew closer. “I’ve never played Chaser, so I’m not really sure how good I’ll be at throwing it. Or catching it. Usually, I just hit things in matches.” Beating took skill, but it was pretty simple, too. Realizing suddenly that she was still talking and therefore wasting time, she raised the Quod. “Might as well test it out now, Alena - catch!” Almost as soon as it left her fingers, Marley swung her broom down from her shoulders and hopped on, hoving with her toes above the grass. She then held one hand out again to Alena, ready to (try) catching a throw back - assuming that the younger girl had managed to catch hers, that was.

  • Let’s keep explosions to a minimum, please. - Magdalena Adler [2nd year, Lyra], Wed Jul 12 17:28
    Step out of your comfort zone. That’s the advice Magdalena had been given time and time again, and once again she was trying to heed it. It wasn’t very difficult for her think up situations which... more
    • We'll have to compromise - Marley, Thu Jul 13 21:55
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