*Blushes* Guess I got too excited.
Fri Jan 13, 2017 01:22

Raja looked up at the girl, her body making very clear that she didn’t particularly want to be talking to him, and her utterance doing little to dispute. He didn’t catch it fully, but it was clearly Unfavorable. “Guess that’s at least a solid eight,” he commented with a touch of nervous laughter. He was a playful kid, and it was always awkward when something meant to be funny didn’t go over well. Of course, he did want to scorch off his eyebrows in all seriousness, but he had presented it in a joking way on purpose, hoping she would laugh.

But she didn’t. That was a major bummer.

The first year cleared his throat. “So, uh,” he tried again with some obvious strain, feeling his trim of natural hesitation creeping in on him, “since we’re talking and you seem older than me” - at least he thought she was, but the girl was definitely on the small side - “do you want to try to do this thing together? My name’s Raja, by the way.”

He tried to offer a friendly smile despite feeling a good deal intimidated by her. She definitely wasn’t an Aquila - the House groupings were small enough that even if he didn’t know her name, he would’ve probably seen her in the Common Room - which made her a whole new (metaphorical) beast to tackle. Was she from the artsy House? The lawful House? Or perhaps the, uh… the red one? He couldn’t get close enough to check for any kind of markers on her attire without looking like a weirdo, so he supposed he would have to wait until he could ascertain more from her personality and guess for himself.

  • Nice title you got there - Rhiya Bansal, [Lyra], Thu Jan 12 02:21
    Rhiya stepped onto the Pitch, notebook and quill in hand, and scribbled quickly on the first page of her new notebook. With practiced ease she dated the page, added a title, and set up a color-coded... more
    • *Blushes* Guess I got too excited. - Raja, Fri Jan 13 01:22
      • Yes, please keep your excitement to a minimum - Rhiya Bansal, [Lyra], Sat Jan 14 02:13
        As Raja squeaked out something or the other about working together, Rhiya considered her options. She could ditch the first-year pretty easily and try the Lava Field on her own, but chances were... more
        • #cantstopwontstop - Raja, Sat Jan 14 23:09
          “Yay!” He was so glad Rhiya was still willing to work with him even though he’d apparently annoyed her initially. Raja really didn’t want his first class experience to be mentally noted as tried to... more
          • #whyareyoulikethis - Rhiya Bansal, Thu Jan 19 02:50
            Of course Raja wanted to use “the rope one”. Rhiya had known he was going to say that as soon as he opened his mouth. For reasons she couldn't fathom, he seemed determined to blow his eyebrows off.... more
            • #toomuchsugar - Raja, Fri Jan 20 22:23
              It seemed like she was going to say no, and Raja felt his disappointment mounting, but to his surprise and relief, Rhiya said he could try it. “Thanks!” he said, giving her a quick squeeze. He didn’t ... more
              • I didn't sign up for this. - Rhiya, Mon Jan 23 22:36
                Rhiya stiffened at the unexpected hug from Raja then patted him on the back awkwardly. It was hard not to (unwillingly) kind of like the kid when he was this genuinely enthusiastic and excited. She... more
                • Fun though, right? - Raja, Tue Jan 24 00:21
                  “Oh no, you fell?” Raja was far less concerned about the red-turned disc and more about the fact that she’d fallen over. “No worries about having to double back. You okay?” Rhiya didn’t seem hurt,... more
                  • That's one word for it. - Rhiya, Thu Jan 26 01:07
                    Rhiya waited semi-patiently as Raja pulled off a successful Wingardium Leviosa . “Nice job.” They only had to do this, what, another 30-40 times? She looked ahead eyebrows in dismay at how far they... more
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