You'll make me blush...please continue
Fri Jul 14, 2017 11:15

Camilla couldn't help it, she burst out laughing at Danny’s explanation, but if she was honest, a wave of relief washed over her - probably quite obvious on her face, too - when the truth about the engagement came to the light. The Cetus hated very few people in the world and Rose Farnon was one of them. In truth, Danny deserved someone much better than the sixth-year Aquila. Yes, it was personal, but she had never thought Rose to be something special. Because she wasn't

After a few minutes of laughter, Camilla was able to look Danny in the eyes. He green eyes alight with amusement at the revelation, but also a bit of sympathy. The blonde knew the pressure the younger wizard was under due to his upbringing and a fake, trustworthy fiancée would help with the growing expectations of the Heir to a good family. The blonde friendly squeezed Danny’s arm in solidarity since she understood perfectly where the ruse came from. Even when she wasn't under Danny’s pressure, she was under a similar set of expectations, especially since her grandfather had established a sort of relationship with her after she had asked for advice to an Edwards for the first time in her life. Alec wasn't a permanent fixture in her life - thank Merlin -, but he had agreed to extend a helping hand to the young witch. And for better or worse - probably worse - Camilla felt a little bit safer now.

“Great tactic, Danny,” she finally said with a smile. “I bet your parents loved that.” They had probably been pretty mad at the fact that their son was dancing around his responsibilities to the family. The blonde couldn't really keep a straight face now. Yes was sure she was a more suitable beard for Danny than Rose.

Anyways, Danny moved the conversation towards her again. And the blonde couldn't help but smile brighter as the memories of why her summer had been amazing came flooding back. She loved spending time with her grandparents, but the highlight of her summer had been her vacations with Elijah. The memory of her best friend made her blush, “I traveled with Elijah and we had an amazing time in Mexico,” she said with a goofy grin paired with some blushing. She was glad she had told Danny how she felt about Elijah, it sort of made it easier for her to deal with the fact that they were still friends. “It was great to have him back to his former self,” she finished with a grin. She had been really worried for him, but he, thankfully, was doing so much better. “I really missed him.”

  • You're always a good view - Danny, Wed Jul 12 15:24
    He was pleased to hear that her summer was amazing, but Danny was non-plussed by the teasing comment she made in return about his own summer. It really hadn’t been anything spectacular, just plenty... more
    • You'll make me blush...please continue - Camilla, Fri Jul 14 11:15
      • I could watch this all day - Danny, Sun Jul 16 15:02
        Camilla laughed at him. A lot. Danny supposed he deserved that. He had the good grace to wait for the seventh year to stop laughing at him wearing his own smile of amusement. Then when she brought up ... more
        • Excellent - Camilla, Mon Jul 17 11:13
          “Me too,” the blonde Cetus said genuinely without being able to control the smile adorning her face. Camilla was glad that she had Danny to talk to about this. She had told no one about her feelings... more
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