Satveer (Sam) Mittal
Hold your breath it gets better
Sun Jul 16, 2017 14:24

With the exception of his trainers, Satveer’s sports kit was dull and monochromatic. His plain black shorts, a grey flat t-shirt and white socks were accompanied by Satveer’s pride and joy - his ‘Fat Flat’ trainers. His trainers were like those worn by muggle skateboarders. They were one of, if not the only, items of clothing that weren’t smart. Each pump was wider than a normal pump and featured a gradient colour of a black toe to a deep purple heel. The laces were thick and their vibrant purple colouring made them standout. As cool as the pumps were, the soles of the trainers were Satveer’s favourite part. The tread was a diamond pattern with a white lightning bolt running toe to heel. The soles were charmed to match Satveer’s positive energy. When He was feeling energised or enthusiastic, his footprint would sparkle for a second or two. It was particularly exciting to see when he ran in the rain.
If Satveer had his way, his wardrobe would be full of beautifully designed, colourful clothing and items that expressed what he really felt. That said who he really was - and most importantly, not what his father wanted him to be.

Satveer chuckled at the American’s introduction. “Hi Teal” he retorted. “I’m Satveer, but please, call me Sam. I like you high tops” he said looking at her footwear. Maybe it was Teal’s nervousness around the quod or something else, but this was one of the first times he could recall introducing himself as Satveer. “I feel welcome, thank you! I assure you, I can see no dumbness here” he said realising how dumb that sounded.

To avoid lingering on dumb conversation, Satveer offered to relieve Teal of the quod as It’s quivering made her visibly uneasy “I can have that to start off with if you’d like?” he gesturing towards the quod. Teal leaned toward Satveer handing him the quod “What's the worst that can happen?” He quipped as the quod quivered in his possession, almost certain that he had jinxed himself. With the delicate precision of a person who didn’t want to be blown up, Satveer manhandled his broom into a take-off position. It was a graceful and steady procedure ensuring that he did not jolt or jeer the quod, for an explosion at this point would not do his nerves any good.

Satveer’s experience with both carpets and more recently, brooms, allowed him to lift off with relative ease. To a casual observer, he almost looked like he knew what he was doing. Once he was steady at about 2 meters (off the ground), he looked towards Teal, “Don’t worry” He said sounding confident, “you'll be…” WHISTLING started and everything went in slow motion. He shifted his gaze from Teal to the quod as the whistling intensified “.. fin..?!” BOOM. It all went black.

Really, the explosion wasn’t that big, or that scary. I did however knock Satveer off his broom and caused him to land with a thump on the pitch. A little shaken, Satveer looked up towards Teal and laughed “fine” he paused, catching his breath whilst chortling “you will be fine”.

As Satveer stood up and dusted himself off, he realised he was no longer 3 different scales of grey. The quod had left him covered top to toe in rainbow dust that wasn’t really coming off, no matter how hard he brushed. He picked up, and mounted his grounded broom. He grabbed the now reformed quod and turned to Teal, “come on, your turn” he nodded and lifted off with his broom. As he rose, his excitement uncharacteristically grew and the soles of his trainers glowed. He’d blown up, he didn’t die and the school wasn’t laughing at him. This was going well so far.

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