I could watch this all day
Sun Jul 16, 2017 15:02

Camilla laughed at him. A lot. Danny supposed he deserved that. He had the good grace to wait for the seventh year to stop laughing at him wearing his own smile of amusement. Then when she brought up his parents’ reactions, Danny was in sufficiently raised spirits to laugh some more himself. “Yeah they weren’t crazy about the plan,” he admitted. “But I think they sort of understood where I was coming from. Plus I think my Mom is kinda hoping I do marry Rose,” he added skeptically. Being the only one of his friends who was the legitimate daughter of a respectable wizarding couple probably had a lot to do with that, but then Rose had been pleasant and pretty and polite while she had visited, so he could hardly blame his parents for their hopes. It did make him feel a little guilty about his scheme, however.

His friend in Cetus lit up - figuratively, but Danny wasn’t convinced there wasn’t some literal glow to Camilla’s complexion - when she talked about her summer with Elijah. It must be incredibly hard for Camilla to keep her feelings hidden from EJ. Danny really didn’t know how she accomplished it. Yet it was evident that just being in his company brought her joy. His was pleased for her; he would be even more delighted if Elijah felt the same way, but then their mutual friend had been going through a lot recently. Perhaps it was best for now if Camilla remained a friend he could lean on. “I’m glad he’s doing better,” Danny said earnestly. “If you guys want to let me tag along to Pearl Street sometime that would be cool,” he suggested. They had hung out together a bit before, but that had been before he’d realized that Camilla’s interest in Elijah was more than platonic. He was sure he’d be able to keep that knowledge to himself… although in the future, when EJ really was over his troubles from the previous term, Danny might be tempted to ascertain whether he might be similarly interested in Camilla.

“Or if you want to do something just us two,” he gestured between the two of them, “That’s fine, too.” Ironically, Danny was pretty sure he had Marissa to thank for Camilla’s friendship. While they’d both been friends with EJ for a few years, it wasn’t until Marissa’s two parties last year that Danny and Camilla had spent much time in each other’s company. It was a shame they’d fallen out over EJ. Danny suspected that Marissa would get over it soon, because she wasn’t one to hold a grudge, but he didn’t think it was likely Camilla would be keen to spend much time with his other friends in the future. Although Camilla wasn’t precisely predictable by nature.

“I was just heading to breakfast,” Danny informed her. “You just starting your run, or just finishing up?” He hoped it was the former, because while he would go into the Diner with her out of politeness and with respect to their friendship, it wasn’t ideal, considering the trepidation he already had about the group dynamics at their first reunion after the summer.

  • You'll make me blush...please continue - Camilla, Fri Jul 14 11:15
    Camilla couldn't help it, she burst out laughing at Danny’s explanation, but if she was honest, a wave of relief washed over her - probably quite obvious on her face, too - when the truth about the... more
    • I could watch this all day - Danny, Sun Jul 16 15:02
      • Excellent - Camilla, Mon Jul 17 11:13
        “Me too,” the blonde Cetus said genuinely without being able to control the smile adorning her face. Camilla was glad that she had Danny to talk to about this. She had told no one about her feelings... more
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