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“Me too,” the blonde Cetus said genuinely without being able to control the smile adorning her face. Camilla was glad that she had Danny to talk to about this. She had told no one about her feelings towards Elijah, excepto the wizard in front of her, and she wanted to leave it like that. She trusted Danny to keep it to himself without involving those girls in anything concerning her. It was a bit hard for the Cetus to separate Danny from them, but she was sure Danny was worth the effort. The poor boy just had very bad judge of character. “It was just hard for me to accept that he preferred to deal with everything by himself,” he frowned a bit, but was quickly replaced by her smile.

“Buy anyways, he is doing better, and I am sure he wouldn't mind hanging with you!” In fact, that idea seemed like a great one. He was sure being around Danny would be fun for Elijah since she doubted her best friend could deal with her particular issues for so long. PMS could be quite annoying. “You should seek him, he would love it, I am sure,” she finished by squeezing Danny´s shoulder. “And I could tag along if you boys don't mind,” she said with wink.

Camilla grinned, “And whenever you feel like talking, you know I’m always up to it. I did miss hanging with you.” It was true, she had. At first, she had been a bit resentful about him asking for some space, but then she had been the one looking for it. She had been angry at Danny, but that was long forgotten.

The Cetus took a step back from Danny and started slowly moving her right ankle in circular motions in order to warm up a bit before starting her run. “I´m about to start it,” she informed Danny. The blonde moved to the left ankle while her hazel-eyes were placed on the younger wizard, “I should be done in about 30 minutes, but I hope you enjoy breakfast!” Camilla took a step towards Danny and placed a kiss on his cheek. “I am happy we had this chat,” she dutifully informed him with a smile.

And Merlin, she was glad he wasn't really engaged to Rose Farnon.

  • I could watch this all day - Danny, Sun Jul 16 15:02
    Camilla laughed at him. A lot. Danny supposed he deserved that. He had the good grace to wait for the seventh year to stop laughing at him wearing his own smile of amusement. Then when she brought up ... more
    • Excellent - Camilla, Mon Jul 17 11:13
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