Clayton Reinhart (1st Year Draco)
And a minor in Pyrotechnics?
Tue Jul 18, 2017 21:46

Clayton was looking forward to this class. He’d seen the flyers around school, and heard the announcements several times at breakfast, and as much as he was still shy to meet other new students, he couldn’t help but be extremely excited to learn a new sport. He’d heard the name Quodpot before, but he’d never really looked into it, never having had enough interest to fully research the sport. His older brother, Waylon, played Quidditch and so he’d grown up learning as much about that as he could.

The eleven year-old tried not to bounce as he walked down the halls to the Quidditch Pitch, trying to resist the urge to scratch the itch that had begun to creep over his body, knowing he would be learning a new sport. Clayton wouldn’t call himself extremely athletic, but he had to acknowledge that he liked sports a lot and could pick up any game rather quickly if he really tried. He listened intently to the Professor, or rather, Coach as he introduced Quodpot and the special guest, and gasped slightly when what he believed to be a Quaffle exploded in the new arrival’s face.

When the new guest seemed to be okay and continued on with his speech, Clayton nodded along with the rules, thinking to himself that it seemed quite similar to Quidditch. But, rather than having balls flying towards you trying to maim you, the balls just exploded in your face. He gathered that the thing that exploded was called a Quod, not a Quaffle, assuming that Quaffles were exclusive to Quidditch. He felt that same itch creep over him as the Coach and guest let them go to try this new game on their own. He was ready to get back on a broom, to continue practicing his flying skills.

Clayton grabbed the broom that his parents had so graciously gifted to him as a going away present, and before he even had a chance to really get off the ground, a Quod was being thrown his way. He steadied himself on his broom as he looked to the person who had thrown it to him, and let out a slight laugh as his new partner yelled, “Let’s do it!”

The brown-eyed boy shrugged and replied, “Sure. Why not?” He threw the ball back to his classmate and flew down the Pitch towards one end, enjoying the feeling of cutting through the air on his broom. He turned around after having travelled several yards and turned back to the other boy. “Hey! I’m open!”

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    • And a minor in Pyrotechnics? - Clayton Reinhart (1st Year Draco), Tue Jul 18 21:46
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        Hunter caught the ball (or Quod or whatever) that his partner tossed back to him and zoomed up to pick up some altitude. Once he got up to about twenty feet he looked around and saw the other guy... more
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