Mikael Anselm Lundqvist [1st year, Draco]
Me too, please
Tue Jul 18, 2017 23:21

Kalle-Anssi was feeling uncomfortable. Uncomfortable in an unfamiliar way, which was a strange experience for him. Quite often he was uncomfortable in a familiar way, especially when he was at home with his family and the other neighbourhood boys. He had been a little uncomfortable in general in these early days at RMI, too, but that had still been a familiar feeling; it was pretty much the same type of uncomfortable as when he had started his new school in Houston. But his uncomfort right now was because he was holding a broom.

The first-years’ flying lesson and brief talk about Quidditch had been new to him and also uncomfortable. Anssi had never ridden a broom before, and the only things he knew about Quidditch were what Ruben had told him, and Ruben had a very negative opinion of Quidditch (although for some reason his older brother had still decided to sign up to play it this year). But today’s topic was a broom sport he had never, ever heard of before. He had overheard a couple older students in Draco calling it cod-something. Cod was a tasty type of fish, not Anssi’s absolute favourite fish but still tasty. He doubted that fish and brooms would be paired together in this lesson, though.

This doubt proved correct as one of the cod-balls the new man was juggling blew up right in front of him. Anssi’s left hand, which had been hanging limply at his side where it was not so much holding his borrowed broom as dragging it on the ground, leapt up as he clapped both hands over his eyes. Standing in the middle of the crowd, he was unlikely to also get blown up by the ball without a bunch of other students also getting hit, but still, what if? He already had a splotchy birthmark on his neck; he didn’t want his face to look bad, too!

He ducked quickly to pick up his dropped broom and kept his head down as he began edging backwards, sneakers squeaking on the grass a centimeter at a time - he didn’t want to insult the new man by looking like he didn’t want to play with the cod-ball. The blonde stopped when someone spoke to him, and blinked up at the older girl. She had said so many big words. Anssi tugged at the hem of his robes, fingers migrating to pat his red Draco scarf as he thought about it. After too long of a pause to be normal, he had to give up. “I am muchly sorry,” he apologized to her earnestly, “I am not knowing what that means.” Feeling he owed the older girl an explanation (because she was older!), he added, “My English book is not yet teached me this big words.”

  • May I be excused? - Claudia Dubois (Cetus 3rd year), Sun Jul 16 15:33
    Claudia was not at all impressed to be summoned to a compulsory Quadpot lesson. If it had been optional, she most certainly would not be found on the Quidditch pitch, wearing exceptionally finely... more
    • Me too, please - Mikael Anselm Lundqvist [1st year, Draco], Tue Jul 18 23:21
      • Think they'd notice if we left? - Claudia, Sun Jul 23 16:13
        Claudia blinked at the younger student as he did not deign to reply. She didn’t think her question had been especially tricky, but then maybe the blonder blond was trying to decide whether or not... more
        • Well, it can't hurt to try - Anssi, Thu Jul 27 22:03
          Anssi knew better than to feel embarrassed by his unsmooth abilities at speaking English, because he knew he was trying his best and he was at an international school anyways so there was probably at ... more
          • Less talk more action - Claudia, Sun Jul 30 06:52
            “Claud-i-a,” she repeated, stressing the middle syllable. While she didn't strictly mind one of the first years referring to her incorrectly as Clawda, she didn't see any harm in correcting him,... more
            • Just a very small action, please - Anssi, Fri Aug 4 21:46
              Anssi blushed at the correction and tried to listen even more carefully this time. “Sorry, sorry! Claw-dia,” he echoed. Well, if he understood properly, the word echo was used to mean something that... more
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