Connor Farnon
I'm offended
Sat Jul 22, 2017 08:17

As a rule, Connor Farnon was not one for sports and he grimaced the moment he stepped on to the Quidditch Pitch, broom in hand. He didnít particularly want to own a broom, but as soon as he had mentioned that he would be trying out for the Quidditch team, his father had insisted on buying one. Dade said that their father was just relieved that Connor was being normal - and he had used that tone of voice to say the word normal - although Connor inherently objected to the idea that playing sports was normal. In fact, he had only decided to try out for the Cetus Quidditch team because Claudia had said something implying that he ought to, as Cetus was likely to be down a man in the upcoming year. If it werenít for the shortage of players, Connor was fairly certain he would stand no chance.

Not that today had anything to do with Quidditch. The Quidditch Coach had decided to make some ridiculous lesson mandatory, which Connor resented on several levels, one of them being that it meant more time spent where he couldnít dodge Marley. He hadnít had to interact with her yet this year, but between last yearís Cheese Whiz terror and the summerís incessant letters, Connor wasnít really looking forward to it when they were inevitably partnered together in some class or other. In fact, he had deliberately arrived almost late to the lesson specifically to be able to put as much distance between himself and Marley as possible.

Part of the problem with doing sports was that Connor did not have very many clothes that qualified as sportsy. The brown-haired boy preferred wearing nicer shirts with khakis and the uniform robes, as opposed to the less formal clothing and lack of robes that most of his classmates often opted for. His sister was one of the people who wore clothing that Connor explicitly disapproved of, as was her roommate, but it wasnít as though Rose ever asked his opinion on anything. She had barely been around over the summer anyway, and Connor hadnít seen her much since the beginning of the school year. That wasnít unusual; Rose seemed to be perfectly fine pretending that she didnít attend the same school as home most of the time.

Connor calmly waited for the adults in front of them to finish talking, jumping a little bit when the ball the new adult was holding exploded. There was a corresponding shriek, which Connor was pretty sure was Marley, but he didnít look around to verify his guess, keeping hazel eyes glued to the professors sports people in front of him. When they were finally dismissed to participate in the scheduled activity, Connor sighed and mounted his broom, hovering a few feet above the ground as he scoped out potential partners. He didnít mind most of his yeargroup, but definitely wanted to stay as far away from Marley as possible. It struck him suddenly that he was in the oldest yeargroup in their regularly scheduled class, and Connor frowned. That felt weird. Did he want to partner with a younger student?

The decision was made for him when he was approached by a boy that he was pretty sure was a first year. Well, at the very least it wasnít Marley.

ďAll right,Ē Connor replied. ďIím Connor. Itís nice to meet you,Ē he added politely. Connor was aware that his English accent made him stand out a little; even though RMI was an international school, most people from the UK tended to attend Hogwarts, as he would have if it werenít for Rose. Sometimes Connor wondered if he would have been happier at Hogwarts. At the very least, he was pretty sure that he would have avoided insane Americans babbling about Cheese Whiz.

ďI suppose we should get to it,Ē the third year said with a sigh, looking around at the rest of the class. Connor was very much not looking forward to this lesson.

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    • I'm offended - Connor Farnon, Sat Jul 22 08:17
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