Stella E.M. Ramiro
After you explode, can I keep your guts?
Sat Jul 22, 2017 11:56

Stella didn't do sports. That isn't to say that she wasn't good at sports- her various misadventures made her quite hasty and forced her to be able to hold her own. Over the course of her first year she accumulated a small amount of muscle, much to her mother's disliking. "How will you attract boys like this Estella?" The Lyra argued that the muscles weren't for attraction, but for warding off dumb boys that think they're her friends (a discombubalted image of Hunter's floating head came to mind).

As the second year stepped out onto the field in her tight black t-shirt and gray skirt, she confidently sported her newly cut, newly dyed, short and curly black hair. After spending the last quarter of her first year with her long blonde hair, she made the immediate decision to take matters into her own hands when she returned to her home over the summer. The first thing her parents did was ground her (a calculated risk and a necessary evil), which ended any hopes of exploring outside her home. She made the most of it by freaking out her younger brother Antonio.

"Hah, you're totally busted, no more scoping out haunted houses for you Liz!"

"What's wrong with scoping the one we live in?

She smiled to herself as she remembered the horrified facial expression he gave her before he ran away. As the sun shone on her, she made her way to the crowd of classmates that made it early to the lesson. She looked up and saw whatever show the two men were putting on and couldn't help but snort at Coach Reid's continuous discomfort at the ginger's gaudy Americano personality. That didn't mean she particularly liked either of them (because she didn't). She did, however, like the idea of Quodpot since she always thought Quidditch wasn't violent enough for her tastes. The idea of throwing a ball at some prissy dumb girl and it exploding made her giggle to herself, but on the other hand she could also let it explode in her face and charm her face to make it seem like it horribly disfigured her.

As she was lost in thought, thinking of the many possible ways she could screw with people, a girl approached her. She eyed her as this explosion of color asked whether or not they wanted to be partners. Smirking, she replied.

"Riddle me this, how are we gonna avoid getting hit by these detonating orbs when you're a walking, or rather, flying target?"

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    • After you explode, can I keep your guts? - Stella E.M. Ramiro, Sat Jul 22 11:56
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